by GG Network S.A.

A chat messenger with a multitude of features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GG Network S.A.

Release: Gadu-Gadu 12.4.73 Build 11901

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Gadu-Gadu, also known as GG, is a Polish instant messaging client that's been very popular in Poland for years (Gadu-Gadu simple means 'chit-chat' in Poland). Internet messengers like Gadu have existed for some time.Besides being a good choice, Gadu is quite pleasant in every sense of the word.The balance messenger has developed a surprising array of features over its 19-year lifespan, so it is more than a messenger by its very nature. Gadu-The Gadu Messenger does nearly everything a messenger needs to function effectively and efficiently and adds some extras as well- It also includes the functions of a smartphone.With a messenger like this, you can talk to everyone with no commitment.

As far as online radio goes, Open serves as an excellent platform for this Moreover, the e-mail address is free.Apart from having a built-in e-mail client and an online file storage facility, this browser has an active social media feed such as Facebook or Twitter, or is linked to casual gaming platforms to play Farmville.

The second major value is the messenger, which has many features too. Using the package you can upload custom status messages that are themed around 150 types of emoticons. In addition, it can handle file sharing and group contacts, allowing you to communicate over VoIP or even send SMS messages using it. By sorting chat chats into tabs, you keep an eye on each one and do not lose track.

In contrast to ICQ, users are listed by their serial numbers.There is a publicly searchable directory with Gadu's addition of personal information.

Though this Polish messenger has a large Polish user base, and is available in both Polish and English, as this does support both languages, it would serve nto records, this is a Polish messenger, and most users are Polish, but with language options available for both Polish and English, thisAmericans. Gadu-can run any one of almost any popular desktop operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or even Blackberry OS versions available. In any case, Gadu-related concerns are a downside.Gadu makes it possible to see ads, as well, so you can get a little ad while talking. Yet, they do not seem overly intrusive and won't affect your functionality or feel overly intrusive if they are your every move.

The Polish aspect does not fool you after all you get with this messenger, so keep that in mind when it comes to choosing this messenger. With this messaging platform, it's still possible to chat, listen to Internet radio, and access e-mail for any English speaker.You can send and receive mail, and store and manage files in one location all for free with OpenOffice.


Feature rich messenger that connects to Internet radio and social media
  • Built-in e-mail client
  • Built-in Internet radio
  • Online file storage
  • Access to social media apps, such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Connect to games like Farmville
Most famous Polish-language talk customer. There is an unbelievable customization process in this talk package. An electronic document exchange system, email correspondence and game support. The backing process will support selected talks, SMS visits, different profiles, VoIP video correspondence, live radio broadcasts, spelling checks, and various other activities. For online visits, no harmful climate is associated with any. Implicit spam channel. Supporting the introduction of outsider applications. Programmed refreshes.
It is an instant messaging product most people know about in Poland, and we all like it.A gduda means "chit chat" and refers to Polish conversation. Using OpenRadio lets you listen to online offers around 150 emoticons, a customized message feature, and access to several themes. Gadu- allows you to share content, group your files, speak using VoIP, and use SMS for mobile messaging.Gadu. Besides using the product, you can connect to social media sites, listen to Internet radio, or play games.
Having multiple chat options on a messenger, we can choose from using this app and make text as needed. We have different options like Delete For Me, Delete for Everyone. The app also enables downloading PDF file of chat.
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