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FurMark is a lightweight but very intensive graphics card / GPU stress test on Windows platform

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Geeks3D.com

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FurMark is a small program designed to test OpenGL-A graphics card can be configured to operate under stress mode easily. Program provides multiple options for comparing the performance of the video adapter to the desktop systems of other users and the replacement graphics card used by the user. FurMark uses a video card stress-Tests have been designed to increase overheat speed of the video adapter. Using this utility on a system that is already fully configured is recommended, as all the latest drivers need to be installed.

It's possible to flexibly configure a stressful test configuration, run the test simultaneously in both windows and full screen mode, select the resolution of the test and then enable antialiasing. overclocking of video adapters, the graphics core performs its best if you select full loading mode. A tiny utility is also included in FurMark for keeping track of a graphics card's GPU.With respect to Z, which gives further details about its characteristics. the type of the RAM and technology, the frequency of the kernel and the GPU, and the memory type. In general, the program is intended primarily for overclockers; however, simplicity and familiarity make it easy to use by average users.

Featuring a tiny form factor and high degree of efficiency, FurMark enables NVIDIA GeForce GTX 16 Series graphics card compatibility.
Tests that measure how well graphics cards perform under water are called FurMark. Furthermore, fur rendering algorithms are applied to the job. On top of that, this program can help to calibrate your graphics card if you want to verify its stability. I appreciate that it has a temperature monitor for your GPU, which can help you monitor the GPU's temperature also.
Using this free and easy tool, you can test the performance of your GPU or graphics card. The performance of your hardware is measured after a specified period of time during which your GPUs work at their maximum capacity. As well as OpenGL benchmark scores, the software gives access to the game. On the program website, you can check the scores for yourself.
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