Frontend Dashboard

by Vinoth Kumar

Best seller plugin for creating and personalizing frontend dashboards

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vinoth Kumar

Release: Frontend Dashboard 1.2.10

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The 21st century has seen a lot of great inventions, but do you think that just ten years ago our available technology was 10% of what it is today?? There have, yet again, only been ten years since we had the ability to fully interact with technology during our daily lives. For sure in 2020, that is going to be more possible for one to call the washing machine and discuss the cycle, get an idea of how to choose to wash or try the washing. We are probably accused of being amoral by our ancestors. Starting with today's topic, let's talk about how bigoted and backward our ancestors were in times gone by. On today's episode, we will discuss how to make good use of special software or a specific plug.In this manner, we are going to modernize and revolutionize our website on a whole new scale.

We are now immersed in technology, regardless of whether we run a company personally or not, as the internet allows us to surf online without boundaries.

Our world is a more digital one since we are able to create personal websites and/or business websites much faster than we previously could. There are websites that can be used for generating other websites. Today, on this page, we'll exploreWordPress, which allows for other

Features nearly every type of customer. is a free, open-source self-hosted software platform that you can install on your own web host, to create a website that's will be 100% yours, but you have to build your website from the beginning ( different platform like GoDaddy which will charge you a monthly bill for the use but with a methodology way easier to build your website )

In fact, Wordpress, within its software during your personal modification, will allow you to download and add to it, small plug-You can plug a host of different components into your website, allowing you to customize it.of this solution is fine for Wordpress, but one of the best features that it provides is that it is capable of bringing some technical changes that not everyone is familiar with, and changing them to your advantage.

So, once we know what is, we can talk about the main reason why we here, which is a Frontend Dashboard.

So just to be specific, Frontend Dashboard is not just A plug-in but is a suite of the plugin which comes with a high percentage of tools intended for the use and visual modification of your website. Below is possible find just some of Frontend Dashboard's main features.


  • Add/Delete user roles.
  • Add/Delete customer role.
  • For role restriction, limit the WP Admin area.based users
  • Shown Custom user fields on Register page
  • Manage custom post type and Taxonomies
  • Create Multiple Dashboards
  • Custom Login
  • Custom Register
  • Custom Recovery Password
  • Template customization
  • Restrict illegal username during the registration
  • Customer redirect URL
  • Add any number of custom user fields.
  • Users are able to set up custom fields based on their roles as users.
  • Menus at the top of the dashboard can be added by a user.based roles.
  • It is possible for a frontend script and a style to be enabled or disabled or for both frontends and admin styles.
  • Requirements Windows ( 7 / 8 / Vista / 98 / 2008 / 2012 / 10 / XP )
  • Available languages: English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese
With Frontend Dashboard you can access a wealth of customized modules accompanied by a lengthy list of optional elements. Included in the Frontend Dashboard is a staggering number of custom highlights, including custom login, custom enrollment, custom profile, custom page, custom custom job and scientific categorizations.
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