by University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Open-source initiative to develop amateur or hobby CAD software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

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Fritzing is a unique software from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam to convert a prototype into a physical model. A link can be used to open the application.A powerful tool to help all specialists collaborate (at all levels (like artists, engineers, designers, etc.). Using this program, you can create miniature models of printed circuits and take them into real life production.

easy, you can turn an idea into a project using these tools. Circuit diagrams can also be quickly customized to be more efficient when producing boards, not just adding additional features as needed. A good PC skill is needed for the program interface. The main window of Fritzing is a desktop with the possibility of designing a board. To create a layout, it is enough to choose the desired location of the desired chips and ways of their connection to the board.

- Providing a streamlined and highly automated workflow...

- Creation of full-This layout takes advantage of many of the available layouts in print.circuit boards;

- Exportable or made a legal document option?;

- You'll be comfortable with my simple desktop and it has a ready-to-use interface.made chip types;

- free use.

In this project, Fritzing aims to give designers an opportunity to create software to create electronics hardware rather than testing on a prototype, helping to create the final design. At the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, its development took place.
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