by Freenet Project Inc.

Make sure that online communication is as private as possible through the use of privacy settings.- and it's free

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Freenet Project Inc.

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FreeNet is a program that allows you to share files anonymously, via a print-network, to publish and receive lists of "freesites", sites accessible only to FreeNet users, and to communicate in forums, completely anonymously and securely. As it is entirely decentralized, FreeNet secures from more attacks, while in its darknet mode, it is allowed to connect to a PC after connecting first.A FreeNet group of friends; it could be anything between friends and a group. A FreeNet message cannot be traced back since it is encrypted, and each message has its own path through which the content goes, so it is nearly impossible to find out which file was downloaded and which folder it came in.

Users make free transfers of files from computer to computer using the same name on FreeNet’s network, using a part of their hard drive as an archive. The content database stored on a user's account cannot be accessed. Its data is entirely encrypted. A large and active community is provided by the FreeNet chat and forum feature. FreeNet generally allows users to share a wide variety of files with other users.

You may share your files anonymously with Freenet users by printing them.Sites accessible only through freeNe can be published and taken with them. Considering the situation, it is quite exclusive.
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