by iXsystems

Home data system for storage, backups, streaming, and data protection

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iXsystems

Release: FreeNAS 11.2-U3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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users can set up a network-attached storage (NAS) for their home (network-attached storage).The files must be protected with erprise) to store and protect their files. All of a home's devices can now be connected to a central location. Users can share files by uploading them to a FreeNAS enabled device and then set permissions for who has access. FreeNAS also works as a local streaming service, allowing users to stream videos and movies to their devices throughout the home. If FreeNAS allows simultaneous streaming among both users in the household, that means no limits on bandwidth or data usage. Each user has no bandwidth or data limits as the only limit on the user's hardware.

As well as creating snapshots of everything in a system if a cyberattack or a loss of data happens, FreeNAS also includes tools for archiving entire systems. It takes only minutes for the patient to recover. As a result of automatically transferring these data to a Remote FreeNAS site, users are extra protected if one snapshot fails. A lot of encrypted data can be stored on a Mac with FreeNAS, such as ZFS files. The contents of these files can only be accessed by a system that has the master key, and a user can then add another password. Furthermore, users can customize the FreeNAS system with plugins to customize its environment to suit their needs.


It does not limit the number of users, the amount of space that can be stored, or the amount of bandwidth that can be accessed.
  • It is possible to copy files between multiple devices in one location.
  • Multiple users can stream videos from multiple devices at the same time.
  • For disaster recovery, restore all of the systems' data.
  • The storage of data is never uploaded to third party servers for third-party servers and encrypted volumes ensure data security locally.
  • Using Plugins and FreeBSD package tools, power users can customize everything they do for the day.

provides a reliable, easy-to-use network for a small home office. FreeNAS plays everything you need on your computer including streaming videos and movies, sharing files securely between devices, and backing up important information.

There is no need to be a wizard to use this software...This book has many more features than others...It is easy to share our files and data with others...With more protocols in the software, you can use more power...Our music and movies can be streamed on Spotify, for sure.....Moreover, the use of master key for encrypted volumes also exists on FressNAS software...Having a FreeNAS program enables me to secure my files with enterprise-level protection....our files and data without delay and for very short also supports sharing all major operating systems such as: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux OS.
The FreeNAS highlights that have been progressing include more of what is available.A lot more functionality is included like circle encryption, SnapShots, deduplication, and replication. Simple Web interface for managing your assets. It is much more likely for the user to operate the hard drive with more than one 4 GB of Ram per unit.
Easily share music, videos, files, and photos via FreeNAS. In addition, they provide even more protection for personal information like photos, documents, etc. It's nice that they offer business as well. We have a variety of sizes and memory types that are ideal for your preferences. You should definitely give it a try if you have Windows devices installed.
As far as I could figure it out, I was using the most effective choice of speediest, quickest, and easiest way to get your software running. It is extremely easy to use and it works very well quickly. Compare the features of this software with others. It has a very low budget, is very easy to use. People who have non-system knowledge will also have a very simple understanding level.
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