by Daniel Polansky

The FreeMind Java application is designed to let you figure out your mental state.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Daniel Polansky

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FreeMind is a tool for creating "mental maps", an intuitive editor for tree-like data models. "Mental maps created with FreeMind illustrate not the connections within a single object, but the framework of a whole concept. It happens very commonly when companies and individual teams develop a mental map that results from brainstorming. An example is a graph or graph-like data structure (for a XHTML document it may be a web page or a graph).

FreeMind enables the creation of similar mental maps, web pages, etc. in support of other external sources. you can easily update the entire project structure in memory, import and export lists to identify branches, and search for information based on which branches you are currently connecting. A concept such as "mental maps" allows for the maximal or maximum expansion and adjustment of "nodes" tically every "node" in the "mental maps" can be maximally expanded and adjusted, reflecting the concept of the project.


- There is no restriction on HTML links between document nodes, either they are WWW links, or they are links from files.

- Folders from the earliest versions of Freemind can be accessed;

- Quick one-By clicking on all links, including one, you can access their options.Lists and branches can be scrolled; while lists and branches can be dragged and dropped.

- Is there a chance the operation will be cancelled??

- By copying nodes and their styles, creating drag and drop relationships, using various types of URLs, and being linked to external files.

- Links that appear in HTML, like list of favorite files, can be intelligently copied.

- Copying & pasting of plain text via MS Word / MS Word / MS Outlook on to e copying and pasting of plain text RTF (MS Wordpad, MS Word, MS Outlook messages);

- Maps exported to HTML; HTML; ;

- an object or a group of items; A single object or group of elements may be presented in one, making one map only for the currently occupied element.

- Users have the ability to edit multi-sites with other users.line nodes;

- Markers can be distinguished using symbols, colors, and new font variations.


- Normally, the freeMind is meant to be used purely for team reasons. However, other players might be able to get access to the same card as the freeMind if it is disabled by default;

- Most web browsers don't work with HTML links; a.k.a. d in a web browser do not work;

- Graphic design possibilities limited to those ideas that I have myself.

Using freemind, you can easily convert HTML files into mental maps which can be exported. As part of its advanced features, freemind is excellent in editing data models, which saves users a lot of time. The default folder and drag and drop can be used while the user is browsing. Using this editor, users can work with data models as well as web sites.
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