by Demetrios Kyriakis

An interpreted development tool for engineering and scientific applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Demetrios Kyriakis

Release: FreeMat 4.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FreeMat is an interpreted development tool for engineering and scientific applications. With it, you can program parallel and plot to get a better look at an image, and take plotting.

FreeMat provides a tool that allows you to do rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing, but best of all, it is free. So yes, it's very similar to MATLAB and, therefore, there's no need for users to pay for the feature. The same cannot be said for this Linux distribution, however, because it is open source. Not only can it surpass MATLAB since it has features such as asynchronous, parallel or distributed algorithms development, volume and 3D visualization, but you can even run external code from C/C++/FortRAN.


You can now get this free, one of the easiest MATLABs in the world.
  • Available on all three platforms (Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux)
  • 64-bit on all platforms
  • FreeMat-to-File porting from Toolbox/MEX to MEX through the MEX interface.
  • FREE to Download
  • Supports the majority of the features on MATLAB

FreeMat is perfect for both industry and academic uses in many courses. Evidently, t and has come through with MATLAB as stated above. There may still be some helpful features offered by FreeMat even if they aren't included with Free Mat. Additionally, FreeMat works better on various platforms, including Windows and runs much faster than Octave on these types of architectures. There are a lot of uses for this tool, that much more convenient to use than programs such as MATLAB.

With current version, licenses are issued under GPL instead of MIT licenses prior to the move.

Despite its improvements in each subsequent release of FreeMat, it is always eager to improve. If you are experiencing a problem with Freemat's technology, the company has a feature that allows you to report malfunctions or bug reports. If you have any problems with your system in the future, log in to the site's user section for assistance.

There is a striving to be perfect and no expense is a barrier, which really helps me get the best value in this program. I would also highly recommend using MATLAB for other purposes.

Gabbie S.
In the field of engineering and science, Freemat is a very effective and cost-efficient way for universities and organizations to collaborate. Even as the program progresses with time, there may be a few bugs that won't be fixed in the next version, such as adding an additional tool. Great application!
The Freemat application gives statistical analysis a free and attractive presentation. Featuring a wide range of tools, which include complex information displayed in graphical graphics, the software is easily accessible to both novice users and veterans alike. With no lag from data engineering, analysis is very successful.
Leon Keyes
Using the FreeMat program, you can create scientific prototypes and create data-intensive analysis using Windows. An upgrade to this application includes migration to doxygen documentation as well as 64-bit support.I mean to say that bit across all platforms. MATLAB and 3D plotting in particular differ in this release since a built-in concurrency program allows manipulation of all supported data types and native sparse matrix support to facilitate 3D plotting and visualization.
Being a science professional myself, I have been searching for a way to apply prototyping methods, data-processing techniques and rapid engineering to science. Making sense of all the data that is always available is challenging. Thanks to the open source nature of this software, it can both be installed on the Mac and on my PC from anywhere I go. I am confident in this idea.
For people who cannot afford a license for MS Matlab, free mat is a great free open-source program for doing all the apps that are already running that uses an Octave and Matlab. An essential part of Matlab's functions can be accessed using this software. Have not seen any upgrades recently because the software has not been updated before. Version four of this software is no longer available.1.2nd December 2011 is the release date for the sequel for "1".
Mathematics users need only download this app on a regular basis to improve their productivity. This approach is ideal for rendering s or rendering of maps or photos. Besides manipulating images, it also plots them. free software that is available for free, provides quick and easy-to-use you are looking for ways to use prototypes or draw data for some specific project, please use our features.
FreeMat for Windows is a great product for engineers like myself. With this software, quick prototyping and engineering takes place in the comfort of your own home. I love that this all comes free of charge. Software with open distribution is what it is. Similar to Matlab used in commercial environments, it uses data mining. The concept of a prototype in this will not appeal to me. We spend hours getting to know each other.
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