by FreeFixer

Delete unwanted software such as spyware and adware

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FreeFixer

Release: FreeFixer 1.19

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The number of software available on the market that promise to find and destroy your adware and spyware has increased. FreeFixer is another in a long line of programs. So what makes FreeFixer better? Well, FreeFixer doesn't remove all software automatically; it needs to check with the user first to find any unwanted programs as well as spyware. Once a device is scanned, FreeFixer detects the software and programs contained within it and produces a list based on them. Color will be shown ion will be color-Coding to show what is trustworthy/safe. Using FreeFixer, a user will create a list of all software and programs that they want to delete. For adware, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, and other viruses, FreeFixer will automatically detect each. You can use FreeFixer to search for programs on your computer, those that begin on startup, and those related to your browser plug.You can access your settings from within your iTunes or homepage. If you do not know what software or programs are, you can always look them up on the FreeFixers website.


  • Self Scanning. FreeFixer will scan your whole device and find all software on the device
  • Color-coded. FreeFixer will list all the software on the device and highlight in green any software listed as "trusted"
  • User choices what to delete. Even if FreeFixer scans all software, it will not eliminate it automatically. It will display all the software in color.A coder list can be selected, and the software to be removed can then be chosen.
  • This problem is caused by not being able to delete software/program. To fix this, use FreeFixer Native Deleter.

Despite the fact that there are many scanning programs out there, FreeFixer stands out by scanning not only viruses but also spyware and adware as well. As FreeFixer does not delete anything by accident without user input, there is no chance it will accidentally delete programs. FreeFixer's color-By creating coded software lists, the user knows what is safe so they use it more easily and what is undesirable so they do not risk their assets.

Removes software that affects your device's performance.
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Amy McBride
With FreeFixer, you can keep your computer free from viruses, adware, spyware, and malware at any time. This program will likely be a very useful option for any computer that has internet capabilities. Considering its value, it could be something worth taking a closer look. A nice feature of not automatically deleting programs and files is that it makes it impossible for them to be accidentally removed; it lets you keep the things you want to keep.
adware, spyware, viruses, trojans, and worms can be uninstalled with FreeFixer. One of its primary benefits is its ability to perform full drives scans. Maintaining device health should be a priority for everyone, and this program should be run as often as possible to prevent unwanted software from lingering.
Harris Sheehan
my work requires me to upload thousands of files each day to my computer, and this software allows me to manage and monitor those downloads in an easy way. This option gives me the freedom to set my own limits as well as extract my own archives to further speed up downloads. I love it.
FreeFixer may be a good option if there are nasty adware, viruses, or spyware that you want to prevent on your computer. The program can locate, remove, and tend to a damaged computer, and is lightweight in function, but does what it is best at: finding and removing information. isn't the most robust, it has free features, and donations can be made to upgrade to the Pro version if that's what you want. It’s super-It is well suited for those who need fast scans and the ability to whitelist as well as other features to remove nasty malware, or to simply see what is located so that other actions can be taken in order to protect their systems.
With FreeFixer, you can remove potentially unwanted software, viruses, and worms. A few locations, that have been left over after being scanned for traces or evidence, are used as testing grounds. FreeFixer now scans Google Chrome Extensions, which is an ever-increasing necessity. Basically, FreeFixer presents you with the results and then leaves it up to you whether you want to remove any files.
There is an online tool called FreeFixer that can be used to get rid of software and files not compatible with your computer. adware, spyware, and viruses, for example, can be removed. Since Freefixer is not yet known for its performance, it only was published in 2021.
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