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Stream live and save audio and video in your browser by recording and saving them.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Applian Technologies

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Freecorder is a software for Windows that is utilized for recording video and audio files from the users browser as well as converting the files to different types of media files. While Freecorder is primarily used for saving browser videos, it also has numerous built-in tools and functions that open to a wider range of uses. This media player and recorder automatically plays any mainstream video or audio format you request instead of running from computer's defaults. There's no need to worry about unplayable videos and audio files coming back once again. Using Freecorder works extremely well with YouTube videos. It supports a multitude of websites, but allows you to load YouTube videos on your computer quickly.

It is specifically geared toward downloading youtube videos to the hard drive from the user's browser

  • Save any video permanently to your computer that is streaming in your browser
  • Generate MP3 files from any sounds made on your computer
  • YouTube downloader was developed to quickly and easily download YouTube videos
  • Record your computer's screen with the Screen Recorder which features the functionality that allows you to choose what part of your computer screen you desire to record
  • Download any torrents using the built-in Torrent Downloader
  • Convert any audio and or video file using the built-in Converter to any of the mainstreamed format types
  • Built-in Media Player can read and play all of the mainstream audio and video formats
  • Located conveniently in your browser for quick use and easy launch
  • Built-in Radio Player that allows you to play web radio for no cost
  • Compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox browser types
  • Freecorder is currently available for download on the Windows downloads website at no cost to you. Freecorder is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 versions.
  • Compatible with all current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, so users are not limited to use within a single browser.
Freecorder 4.1 (10.47 MB)
Freecorder 4.3.2 (8.13 MB)
In my opinion, the purpose of this program is to save you the cost of purchasing mp3 files, so you can record them instead. Alternatively, you could download software to record YouTube videos, which are often copyrighted but do not have the right to be copied or recorded. I would not install any of these apps. Using it you can obtain free music you feel is worthy of personal use.
I encountered an error when I tried to install it. Thank you very much, for I am relieved that this does not seem like a wise idea to download YouTube videos from Google Play. The majority of websites offer high quality downloads without the need to install dodgy programs.functioning software.
Jack Dorn
A browser will be able to record audio and video, and processes them. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are among the browsers that support it. My admiration for this recorder stems not only from its simplicity, but also from the faster and easier way it converts save and audio files and videos than many other recorders and converters do.
For Windows users who use Internet Explorer, this free program can record videos and audios. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox can be converted easily to my program. These two are the only browsers that I use for web browsing. There is also access to radio and tv streaming channels through it. I find it cool that this actually happens. All of this will be done over the web browser, making it very convenient. This is my first time using it, but I'm glad I tried it.
There is a free software available that lets us record videos and audios.As well as torrent downloader and video downloader, Screen recorder and Video downloader are included.With Freecorder, any individual is able to create their own coding format for digital audio on their digital phone or computer.Installing it will make it readily accessible to you within your browser.Convert a streaming video into a PDF file without having problems with Freecorder.You can free download Freecorder for Windows now because it is easier to use and faster.
This app allows Windows users to access their music albums and audio and video files through the streaming APIs. Windows only requires that you download Freecorder first for use. From there, choose the app, go to menu bar and choose the option Youtube, video history, record audio tool, convert tool, play tool, settings, TV channel, es like Youtube, Video History, Record Audio
It was only Freecorder that was found to be a great converter.The conversions are good. We are pleased with the results.You can use it with Firefox and Internet Explorer.Regardless of whether you record for a month or a year, your pc will receive it permanently. You can also record audio using the software, you can also download unlimited mp3 files from YouTube.
A client's programs provide users with Freecorder, which records video and sound files in real time, and makes all those records into various media files. it primarily focuses on sparing program recordings, it also has various implicit functions and capacities that are sufficiently broad to open up wide possibilities for work. Play all standard video and sound arrangements so you don't get unplayable recordings or sound documents ever again, with our included media player, instead of your PC's default media player. While many sites offer free downloads to their computers, Freecorder delivers just as much quality to YouTube recordings.
The FreeCorder program (or software as they are known) is one of the best free or cheap solutions to let you easily convert audio and video to mp3 or ss. With this software, I've been able to reduce my time consumption for several weeks. I haven't experienced many significant issues, and I've used it at work for weeks. The Freecorder team is great and I cannot sum them up adequately. They are exactly what I desire for someone like me who hates unnecessary hassle.
Using freecorder for Windows, developers are able to take photos as well as record audio and video, and they're also capable to convert a wide variety of different files to the same format using a single mouse click. Software specific to YouTube videos has been developed specifically for this purpose. Nonetheless, Freecorder for Windows users do not seem as impressed with the add-on's developer functionality as others. The browser add-on has prompted several user complaints including advertisements. The browser add-on also fails to work with popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Users even posted alerts warning against the software becoming malware.
My computer was downloaded audio files and video recordings using this software. Software like this doesn't require registration, and there is nothing to it. Downloading all files in your PC is as simple as clicking the link, and you are up and running right away. If this program does not work, try using an earlier version.
In Windows, Freecorder is one of the best ways to save and download videos and audios, because I love its accessibility. For a single click I can save the clip to my PC device, whether I want to convert a previously existing file to mp3 or video format 1.
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