Freecorder 8

by Applian Technologies

This allows you to have audio and visual recording of your browser

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Applian Technologies

Release: Freecorder 8 8.0.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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An individual can now download their own activities as they interact with their browser or Internet activity using this revolutionary product. Essentially, when you have this enabled, you can listen to or rewatch your workouts. Once you have done this, you should be able to download it directly onto your PC after you have done it. A player that has been downloaded can also be shared and kept by others.


  • Tracking of browser activity is possible. You can review videos of your activities and rewatch them when you have finished them. Usually, this kind of review is done so that you can get to see yourself playing video games on your own.
  • By recording yourself you will be able to recheck some of your skills, like troubleshooting, on a regular basis. Afterwards, you can download the recording for review, or share it with friends.
  • The only recording option available are purely audio files, which can be helpful for individuals who need to send and receive audio files to revise or compare between other collaborator.
  • We guarantee the availability of the files in an array of formats, so that as many people can participate as possible.

Using the product, users are able to choose exactly when, where, and with what they want to record their browser or audio inputs and outputs. It's compatible with multiple versions of the major operating systems, and you can also select multiple editing software for videos and audio. Video and audio files will be edited in a professional way at this point. Users will be able to view screen time without having to be present while they are using this program, which is great for business, training, recreation, and casual activities. Rather than making oneself more open to sharing your view, why wouldn't ed by others? Now you can install Freecoder8.

You may want to check the screen as soon as you have been involved with an active activity that is highly involve.
John Jonshon
No confusion left over after buying on prime. This product is invaluable to anyone who falls ou black out drunk needs this product. Having all this information within easy reach of my wife has saved me from having to go through her browsing history. Now I can be a more positive person at the same time, automatically using the integrated features of this app whenever she spends money on useless stuff like Etsy and Pintrest, truly a life saver.
Here's what it appears on its tin note: uch it says on the tin - You can record your screen for free with this service. Because it can record both video and audio simultaneously, making it the perfect tool for YouTube projects. In comparison with others, it's easy to use, but does not distract me too much. I would recommend this service to anyone in my position.
For visual recording of browsers, this program is a wonderful piece of software. It is running very quickly now. Recording took place without any errors. My family and friends ought to try it. When is the next time that i can get it up to date?
Despite its excellent features, the product comes with horrifying malware. My browsers were hijacked by Deltamalware, which took me hours to uninstall the numerous installed programs in the registry. There are some shortcomings with its features that aren't incorporated into the entire program half the time. It records the first audio track incorrectly the first time it opens. As a result of adware, your computer and browser will become infected, but with no money to lose.
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