Free USB Guard

by My Portable Software

A Windows-Security systems that incorporate the latest USB technology in place of privacy-enhancing techniques.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: My Portable Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Free USB Guard is a program that automatically informs the user about the presence of USB devices (e.Whenever your computer shuts down, please close any flash memory or CD/DVD and remove them from the drive. The computer will never forget to replace the specific device if there's an off button in the system. Also, Free USB Guard allows you to inform the user about connected external HDDs, but only if they were connected after the start of the program.

runs free of charge, it is free and requires no installation - as well as removable media it runs on, it is small and has a simple user interface - however there are some limitations. Here's a quick review of what it has to offer. A brief description of the program should also be noted, including the absence of analogues at this time.

- An overview of USB devices and their connections, static hard drives and CDs/DVD DVDs, and external hard drives;

- Automated run scenarios with the system; ;.

- The user interface that is the simplest.

If an external device is attached to a PC, this program alertes users. You can use it to protect your data and electronics, since viruses and threats can be prevented. Having USB drives will ensure the best in your security.
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