Free Sound Recorder

by CoolRecordEdit

Allow for recording of sound on windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CoolRecordEdit

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Free Sound Recorder is a small audio recorder designed to record sound from the line or microphone input of the sound card, as well as any sounds played in the operating system. Support of this recording format can be found on the following: MP3, WAV, OGG. The MP3 audio formats work well.

Even with its simplicity, it features a number of interesting features: First of all, it acts as a scheduler. By specifying a recording start and ending time and date, as well as inputting an interval at one time every day or every week, you can enable recording. Secondly, the automatic activation feature automatically begins recording in case of any noise such as someone ding will start if someone talks near the microphone, in the settings you can specify the volume and duration of the noise at which the recorder will be started. Furthermore, there is a simple noise engine in the program that allows the "top" to be lowered or blocked high so as not to ruin the illusion.frequency hissing. You can access these properties by saving in a Finder and then using your hot keys to monitor the work in the background as well as manage it in management mode. It is possible to assign files names automatically as well.

Please note that Free Sound Recorder is distributed free of charge, but downloads a number of advertising applications that most antivirus programs consider undesirable during installation.

- A multiple format audio recorder; ;

- Recordings can be disabled and enabled at the same time;

- built-in noise reduction;

- a noise detector;

- hotkeys might also have this feature.

With it you can record in numerous formats with a variety of applications.
Sound recording softwares have been used by me to record notes and conference calls. Using Free Sound Recorder was among the easiest of all. As the recording formats differ, I can transfer files to my phone to listen to them wherever I am.
Currently, I am broke. paid program that works well. You can try it free of charge the best part it's free! In addition to making MP3 files, this program has many other features. I think it is a nice way to put in your own YouTube videos or Facebook videos. If necessary, you can even use your own music to set a restful.
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