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Free Pascal (also known as FPK Pascal) is a professional 32x and 64-The Pascal BitCompiler is a program that helps you code Pascal bits. For processors, these can be found: PowerPC (PowerPC64), x86 and AMD64 (Windows 98 or ME), x86 and Sparc (Intel Core CPUs, i5, i7, i3). Operating systems are supported: Among the installed drivers are Linux, FreeBSD, Haiku, Mac OS X/Darwin, DOS, Windows64, WinCE, OS/2, and Netware (libc and classic).

This compiler focuses most on languages such as Object Pascal and Delphi that are familiar to many users. There are also a number of dialect compatibility modes available: As well as Turbo Pascal, Borland Delphi provides support for classes and interfaces; Mac Pascal includes object-oriented Delphi.

- Architectures: PowerPC/64 and ARM for power-computing ;

- platforms: For Mac OS X/Intel, Win OS 64-bit, PC, Linux and Game Boy games, etc. ;

- language: There are support for interface delegation across devices, bitpacked records and arrays, COM/OLE variants, dispinterfaces.

- Infrastructure: Currently, widestrings support for COM/OLE, increased variant type support, and supported multiple resource files.Windows 10 support for improved databases.

This is a wonderful compiler that makes you the very definition of a pascal compiler for objects and libraries that use the format. An easy-to-use interface and simple design make it easy to get started from scratch. Program itself consists of light, yet heavy components, so it can fit into a single disk drive.
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