Free Hide IP


Allows for masking IP so companies can not see your information

Operating system: Windows


Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Free Hide IP is a program with a "talking" name that will help you become anonymous on the network and access services blocked in your country. In reality, there is no charge for using this app, as it's named after its name suggests. Users, however, are actively recruited to use the standard version of Pro that differs from the free version. This may happen because an IP address could be selected in the false country. It is the United States' IP address that is assigned to the normal version.

The Free Hide IP interface consists of a single control panel. As soon as you click on "Hide IP", your IP address will be changed. Browsers and other programs that are working over the network are not required to restart the computer. An old address will be displayed at the top of the existing status bar. In addition to the option of launching Hide IP with Windows, every 10 minutes the address is changed automatically. If you change your IP address, the pages may take longer to load and the games may take a longer time to load. The disadvantage of paid models is always inherent in all other programs of this kind.

Describe what we ended up with. It is one of the best programs on the market for changing an IP address, but, while it allows for the transfer of an address, it doesn't support geographical choices. In a nutshell, it is the best IP address for those with enough addresses in the United States to access the Internet. It is possible to see the address directly in the main window, even if various kinds of services can detect it (see IP definition here). The key that must be used is "Check IP Info".

- A single key can be used to enter the IP address;

- It does not require restarting the network programs to do so; ;

- The website has IP addresses specifically from the U.S.S. The paid version is available for many countries).

- The address can be changed every ten minutes;

- A system can run with Windows on its own.

The free Hide IP service will ensure your anonymity, like a VPN, so you can access websites blocked in your country without having to worry about being tracked. Without the use of special tools, Free Hide IP can be turned on and off at any time. Premium versions allow select which IP address you are using. If you want to select the country you can see, you will need to upgrade to the premium versions.
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