by Robert Kausch

A converter program compatible with many audio formats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Robert Kausch

Release: Freac 1.0.32

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Freac is an open-any level of level of audio conversion. You benefit from that-Based on its level features and capabilities ution, and is very simple and elegant in its interface. Many other popular media formats such as VORBIS, OGG, and FLAC are also supported besides WAV and MP3.

Freac also has capabilities for ripping files and is very reliable at that. This product provides incredible detail and accuracy, making it a perfect companion to any music lover and professional. It is especially perfect for engineers and other sound engineers. In regards to ripping CDs, it works great. Having access to their online database gives you all the information you need to make sure metadata and files are populated correctly. Likewise, users can sort and organize their library of files so they can use it more efficiently. An important element of this program is that it manages different files effectively, such as output files and some others. There is no requirement that users work with the same preset or output repeatedly because the tool is not configured to require users to maintain that mode. Moreover, it provides users with various conversion properties before they take a final conversion, like quality, rates, etc. By following these principles, it is ideal for a wide range of individuals and is well-suited for advancement in the technical side.

Users of programs that are aimed to convert audio files should try downloading, installing, and using it just so they can see for themselves and get a working, efficient, and highly efficient solution that doesn't require extensive knowledge. Try it out now since it's beautifully intuitive and comes with a well-designed interface.

Allows users to adjust file properties for conversion products

  • Music file conversion
  • Compatible with different audio files
  • Elegant interface and simple
  • Alter properties before converting
  • Free program
Freac 1.0.26 (7.19 MB)
Freac 1.0.27 (7.19 MB)
Freac 1.0.32 (7.61 MB)
This program is kind of out of date. If I wanted to give them all copies of the new CD to all of my family in 2005 I may want to consider this situation. Although the digital age of music has brought about the end of burning CDs and ripping them. I can only send those type of documents to my private Google Drive folder or something similar if I need to.
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