Fractal Mapper

by NBOS Software

Gamer's ability to develop many different maps is further enhanced with this integrated mapping system.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NBOS Software

Release: Fractal Mapper 8.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Gaming enthusiasts won't be able to beat this product. Regardless of what the gamer wishes to create, they are free to do so. Dungeons, cities, adaptable and more with Fractal Mapper there is no limit. Even beginner users can engage in the intuitive interface; those experienced in game creation will do just as well. In combination with the integrated Add-on, the ability to perform this task is even more powerful.On extension called Fractal Mapper Explorer the creator can create 3D shaded relief maps, this extension also allows you to edit the temperature and weather of your map. Aside from the free add-on, Fractal Mapper includes almost 60 full color mapping symbols to use for a multitude of applications. With Windows 7, Windows 8/8 can be combined.This allows you to do so seamlessly between Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows XP so you can create programs from any one computer. Furthermore, Fractal Mapper runs on Linux under WINE, a proprietary system that is not supported by the OS.


  • easy to use interface
  • works with Windows 7 or newer
  • free add-on included
  • create realistic drawings and print on mulitiple pages

In conclusion on researching Fractal Mapper 8.Thanks for the Add-ons in this great program.You can use Fractal Mapper Explorer's extension to map areas using Fractals. In addition to square grids and hex grids, it can be built without a grid numbering. With the Creators App, you have access to maps that are compatible with it.The Windows bitmap, the JPEG file.png or .emf; Then run the program and start to write a copy directly on the map, and save that into the system you want. This program works well with almost any system running Windows. Using it will enhance your map creation abilities to the point where they would be unprecedented. It is completely possible for each and every gamer to achieve their ultimate goal with this system- To master gamers, you must begin with only one hand.

Variety of creations
Billy Dean
As someone who is just getting into the world of video games, this program is great. My maps can be made fast and easily with this software. My work now has a higher level of detail. The tool is very useful for mapping.
For gamers who like making their own maps, Fractal Mapper is the right program for them. A perfect tool if you were seeking to create your own elegant maps of a city, a desert or even a whole continent. With this mapping tool, you can enhance your gaming experience for a whole new level. It's designed so you can use it right away, and it's easy. Plus, there's no cost to get it.
Jude Wellington
The Fractalmapper is the latest advancement in geospatial mapping. Users are able to create a variety of game maps and environments from scratch. An important function of it is how the dungeon can be expanded, continent can be created and city can be set up. Map creation is performed using an engine that was specifically designed for fantasy mapping. It is possible to design more than 600 different colored symbols with Furial Mapper. There is a customizable symbol library, which lets users customize symbols for each use.
Virtual mapmaker software for gamers that makes virtual maps.
It is a fantastic programing tool. This makes it possible to create all types of terrain maps in one go. Maps can be customized as easily as they are incorporated. The stunning 3D detail you can provide will help you create an exotic world, such as a continent, city, or dungeon. You can use the fractal system to make landscapes that show realistic details, such as gorgeous shorelines, mountain ranges and other details. A map can also be overlayed on your climate change. It allows you to create other kinds of maps using hex, square, or other grids. The map can be exported easily to the.PNG file format. A tool of this quality is available here.
Gamer can make their own maps thanks to this software. This software lets them turn their worlds and cities into their own creations. All kinds of creations can be done using this software for hours during a game session. For development of video games, this software is suitable.
I must say that Fractal Mapper is amazing. Honestly, I use this all the time when i'm creating little maps for RP worlds or even when i'm playing D&D with my friends. Basically, you can create a map quickly and easily in a matter of minutes. It's pretty affordable overall, I love the fact that there's a little customization and labels in the maps. Great tool!
Having several gaming children and being tech-savvy is not something most people like me are. The fractal mapper 8 provides a user-friendly experience that allows parents to learn what makes their kids enjoy activities. It provides an interface for learning about what people enjoy most in today's world.This skill makes it easy to create the fun stuff you find teens and young adults doing daily. Building, designing, and inventing something yourself is one of the best ways to share what you want, where and how it should go. If you want to check it out yourself, I recommend checking it out. The high price of the items, besides giving the product's capabilities a great deal of satisfaction, has made their value well worth the money you have invested.
Since the days when geospatial apps tended to be free, they have been the norm lately. So now I'll give it a thumbs-up, saying that a lot of times when the map outs seemed too complicated, I found a map for me, where to look.
You may be a long-term student.If you're like me, you have undoubtedly explored the concept of developing your own unique game - and you'll never be the same again.worlds. are a game, I bet you do.Having a stellar game in the industry is always on the table - your creation tools. Whether you're looking for Fractal Mapper for Windows with Game Star, you'll find it there. create a universe by using Fractal Mapper ckground by creating universe-wide and insect-anatomy-Various types of stunning wonder and details. With this system you can configure topographical detail in 3-D. Want more? The editorial features on this site enable you to customize rainfall and temperature just as you would during a hot, dry day. In any prison or castle constructed with this barbaric system, torture rooms, sieges, heroic strongholds, planets can exist. As far as the gaming imagination is concerned, there is not anything anyone can consider beyond his or her artistic purview. Take advantage of the colorful themes to draw inspiration quickly. Microsoft is represented with an array of Microsoft operating systems, and this software runs on an easily interfaced interface.
In Fractal Mapper we can take snapshots of loads, rivers, mountains, forests, etc, and edit them so that we can recreate the location easily, and using it for that will cause the editing to be smooth because there is no confusion.
We use fragrance enhancers that we create our own by putting the utmost care into the quality. There are many tools in use, of course, but they primarily focus on gathering map markers like latitude and longitude, coastal cities, space craft and cove types. As a result of these efforts, we can enhance our games and make them more engaging. With this software we are able to visualize the dimensions of our projects more accurately. By doing so, we improve our CREATIVITY. This was very popular with children.
My first copies of this product were purchased several years ago, and I am now publishing my own content on the site. My question is to know whether I have the right to utilize the maps I created using this tool when creating commercials.
When I play a video game, I enjoy trying out Fractal Mapper to build a map. It makes my own maps, and it gets played well!. Also, it seems to be very easy to use. Game developers will love using this app if they want to build map based interactive maps.
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