by Marc J. Covele

Is a tool for configuring proxies to browsers.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Marc J. Covele

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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What are your objections to firefox's te the standard proxy tools in Mozilla Firefox too inconvenient? Then we recommend you to add a supplement called FoxyProxy. There may be no more powerful extension like this one on the market. There's also a large range of options that can be used for small business. With the help of FoxyProxy you can make a list of the most frequently used proxy servers and switch between them with a couple of clicks. Additional features are provided, such as the ability to monitor server status with automatic check functionality and an automatic working panel by default. The extension can work not only with Firefox, but also with other Mozilla products (Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, and more). Although there are also versions for Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers, which have inferior capabilities, the latter does support some of their features.

- Using proxy servers that provide information over several sessions is a significant reduction of the work.

- Servers can be checked automatically to ensure that they're available; t availability of servers;

- A special functionality panel for the program interface is added to enhance user experience; ;

- In Mozilla Thunderbird and In SeaMonkey, its compatibility is wn, SeaMonkey;

- supports PAC.

An exciting new extension, FoxyProxy, provides an updated set of browser support for Internet Explorer. All versions of Mozilla browsers, such as Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and FireFox, support this extension. It is also being developed to support other browsers. The FoxyProxy website can be configured easily, and an option to install it is available at this website. With this tool, users can create a list of proxies that they use frequently and change between proxy servers with just a few clicks of the mouse. In addition to monitoring perserver performance, FoxyProxy comes with advanced server monitoring capabilities as well. In order to improve every user's experience, this extension provides support as needed.
Extension programmers can call it one of the best pieces of software. An intuitive application that's very simple to use. You can create a list of the most popular proxy servers and simply choose which servers to link to in Foxy Proxy.In this case, a new working panel is added, which can be located near the search line at the default. Foxy Proxy's automatic update mechanism determines which servers are performing in each list of servers.
As part of Mozilla Firefox's new extension, FoxyProxy, users can easily switch back and forth between proxy services. Additionally, the new proxy detects any servers that are available to increase speed and performance. Furthermore, the new interface enables you to clearly see all the panels you are working on, which is a great relief.
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