Foxit Reader

by Foxit Software Company

Foxit reader is pdf editing software designed for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Foxit Software Company

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Foxit Reader is a fast utility for viewing PDF documents. Currently, Foxit Reader has more than 50 million users.

PDF Standard 1 may be downloaded from the Foxit reader.7, works under Windows operating systems and is very small in size.

You may have downloaded other PDF viewers in the past that weigh a lot, take a long time to install and run. I guarantee that Foxit Reader will eliminate the problem. Furthermore, for the purpose of providing PDF document comments, you might have to purchase expensive software, while Foxit Reader is free.

- The Foxit Reader immediately opens when it is launched, so you don't have to pause it. When the application downloads it is done, and if it doesn't happen within that time period, the next time it starts do not need to wait nstall until the application download window disappears, and after that, you don't need to wait for the application to start;

- Size of installation file smaller than the Internet download file: the file the user downloaded is 3MB in size.With 57 Mb in file size, you can read Acrobat Reader at a slower pace.

- Text Conversion: To convert the entire document to text, you can use this method;;

- Security: As long as a browser is used, Foxit Reader will never connect to a public server without a customer's knowledge, much different from competing products.

- attractive multimedia design: Users no longer need to download and install extra software packages when viewing videos with Foxit Reader. Using the power of Movie Tool and Sound Tool users can add, edit, and delete multimedia files.

- Attachment panel: is displayed for example in attachments (view, select, make annotations, delete. etc. ), but can also be used to manage multiple attachments (left, right). Additionally, users can add or remove security settings that come with opening the attached files.

- Thumbnail panel: By clicking on each thumbnail, the user can quickly see the desired areas of the document; ;

- A variety of measurements can be supported: You can specify a specific unit of measurement for the page size on the settings for any other metric system.

- Auto scroll document: You can automatically scroll a document by selecting it using the middle mouse button (wheel), for example).

- This Foxit feature on the free online media content platform gives users impressive functionality: As a result of this new option, documents can now be shared widely over the Internet. Foxit Reader allows the upload of documents directly imited from Foxit Reader;

- In the case of PDFs uploaded to Foxit Reader via FireFox, users can view and work with PDFs generated in the app using the FireFox plugin.

- Comment tool: Would comments need to make affrements to your PDF document? Grapics can be drawn on the document, text can be selected and/or comments can be added with Foxit Reader. Afterwards, you can modify the document by printing it or saving it.

There are many uses for FoxitReader. Our home and office needs this technology to stay healthy. Use it to stay safe. A person making such discoveries can feel really safe. People love these kinds of software programs. In addition to being so useful and safe, it is also easy to use. Likes it much, I prefer it over other software.
Even though I am a teacher and former student, Foxit Reader has by far the best way to read PDF documents and to work with them. With multiple functionality options and many features, it has never been easier to manage PDF files. Furthermore, because of its use on iOS, it is now possible for me to read and access PDF files on the go which makes my work much easier. People using PDF files will have a more enjoyable time with this software than with any other.
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