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FotoMix is a free, small size, and super simple and helpful image editing software that allows you to perform any tasks or enhancement to your images. It can edit photos the way that you want, for the exact same results no matter if you've got a basic photo editing program or a more advanced one.


  • Simple use of an interface from beginners to experts
  • Displays tooltips at the bottom
  • Multiple format support
  • Ability to change the composition of images
  • Simple Brush Tool
  • Final touchup tools
  • Erasing Tool
  • Edit previously created images
  • Has 3 different types of backgrounds for new projects
  • Several format support
  • Foreground editing
  • Deformation of an image
  • Allows different effect to be applied to images
  • Tune Image
  • Sharper Image
  • Blue Image
  • Add effects to an image (Gray Scale, Old Paper)
  • Blend Image
  • Insert Colors and edges to the image
  • Save the image with JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP format
  • Mirror Flip Image
  • Rotate Image
  • Crop Image
  • Resize Image

FotoMix is a small-Compared to other free applications, this program is the largest, most advanced, and most innovative. On the left hand side of the screen, you can choose from multiple tabs and selections. The right part of the screen has been kept for editing the images and being able to see the edit is done. The program comes with five tabs at the top of the screen, where you can edit, create or delete the foreground and the rest of the image, while the remaining tabs are used to enhance the photo. At the bottom of the software application screen, there is a function that allows you to zoom in and also has the Tooltip label.

It’s the simplest and most advanced editing software on the market that can perform any task you need

FotoMix is ideal for someone looking for a simple photo freeware that provides results not only quickly, but instantly. Any editing method can be performed to any image or previously edited image with this free software. You can crop, resize, rotate, and optimize the images you've edited before. It is not only known to be an easy to use interface, but it’s efficient and does not require tons of previous editing knowledge to be able to truly ulitize this software to its fullest.

FotoMix 7.5.1 (2.57 MB)
FotoMix 8.1.1 (4.51 MB)
FotoMix 8.1.3 (2.42 MB)
FotoMix 8.1.4 (2.42 MB)
FotoMix 8.2 (2.42 MB)
FotoMix 8.5.2 (2.49 MB)
FotoMix 8.5.5 (2.48 MB)
FotoMix 8.7.4 (2.42 MB)
FotoMix 8.7.6 (2.56 MB)
FotoMix 8.8 (2.56 MB)
FotoMix 8.9 (2.71 MB)
FotoMix 9.2 (1.38 MB)
For this reason, FotoMix competes fiercely against established players like Adobe and default options software of iOS and even Android, respectively. Small size, an easy-to-use image editing program, and its vast knowledge of other useful software are not needed.It is not possible for users to benefit from these operational aspects of the software. Users of this technology wonder why they should continue to use it after installing other software applications.
photo editing tool that allows you to apply a variety of effects to your photos. In addition to sharp, blurred, soft, and greyscale effects, oil painting also has its own effects. Also, using the tabs in the top right corner, one can create a new one from multiple images. Another example is to use a background image and then add a foreground image. Text is also included in the pictures that are being edited. Though it looks easy to use, it does not have a steep learning curve as compared to more advanced photographic editing tools. This is a good book. I would recommend it. It runs on any version of Windows and comes with a free license.
John Dupree
The most common component of photo-editing software is a software that combines and distorts distinct foregrounds, backgrounds, as well as their differences, to design different variations of a photo.Furthermore, it is capable of organizing and creating engaging online photo collages, disappointing web graphics, discs and DVDs covers, desktop wallpapers, and removing and appending associated individuals using this utility. ensures high-quality results and cannot be said to be an indicator of whether photos have been distorted. While I understand that software like this is for friends, I wish it could also be used to print and transfer the photos to lenders in California and even emailed.You will be able to use this software in all versions from Windows version to Windows 10 and to a lesser extent from Windows 7 through Windows 8.1 as there is no user choice at all.
It is a great tool that allows for editing even basic pictures with no more than a flash. Users simply point the tool in the direction of an object or face they are looking for, and it helps them add or remove them. Using collage technology, users can also change the background of multiple photos. All new photos you take are accessible to yourself or others via email once they're finished. A shirt can also be made with your new designs or you can apply them to it.
As a Windows-compatible version, FOTO MIX for WINDOWS is available now.USE PROGRAM TO RUN IT AS DOES.This is a photo editor tool, intended for photographers.This section includes a breakdown of hydrant amounts, effects mixing, and valve requirements.You may support three operating systems on a server.It is a program that can be used for modifying images after they've been pasted, as well as mixing them as an appoluion that will be extended when it dies that allows people to switch between multiple pictures at once.You can have your photo taken with it with any free program for Windows.SOFTWARE IS SAFE AND SECURE TO USE.
An easy-to-use photo editing tool, FotoMix will enhance your images in all of your artistic challenges. converted images into marketing materials, including images in use over digital images. You can use it in place of a regular operating system if things don't go well. With the use of its simple interface, people can execute what they need and do not get too far out of it with too much hardware power. There is an awesome collage feature as well.
Adding FotoMix to your software selection is an excellent idea. You won't find just any old photo editing software here. Besides adding or removing elements from your pictures directly, the program also lets you change your background, add or remove layers, and create rize or remove elements from your pictures that you load up directly on to the program, you can also change the background, create collages and much more. You can save, send, or share your images according to your liking with this easy-to-use tool. You will be amazed at how versatile FotoMix is when it comes to photo editing.
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