by Moonchild Productions

It's a Windows phone application for email, chats, news, and other applications.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Moonchild Productions

Release: FossaMail 38.2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FossaMail is an open-Application that uses an anonymous server to send Windows users emails. FossaMail allows users to manage their email messages with a high level of efficiency and privacy. Since FossaMail offers an excellent level of privacy and utility, I use it most often. As one of my concerns, mainstream email platforms are prone to leaks and malicious activity. With FossaMail's many other features, including those listed above, there's a lot more I can see.


  • Open Source
  • Fully Customizable
  • Intuitive Design
  • Chat Support
  • Live News Feeds
  • Free To Use

FossaMail has excellent privacy possibilities. With regards to security breaches and malicious attacks, its users have never reported a problem with the company. Due to FossaMail's non-effectiveness, I believe it led to this.known email application. A couple of the best security protocols in the FossaMail package has been cited by its creators. FossaMail can make contact with those based abroad in particular people whose emails are sent to those recipients. You must have thought the problems that come with global email were gone. Your email is most likely not likely to arrive due to any restrictions in the country where you're sending it to. is completely different and is able to send emails to over a million locations around the world. In addition to the great features that it has, this email program is completely open.source. Applications that are more stable and perform better. There are limitations attached to the program, so it can be enjoyed at home or in the office. While FossaMail does not require any specific training, it is very similar to email clients to become proficient in. An embedded news feed and chat functionality are available in this application. In addition to the chat being able to be circumvented in any government restrictions, the emails may be circumvented as well. Those people who use daily emails and don't want limits should definitely try it.

E-Mailing and outgoing notifications should be managed on a daily basis.mails efficently
  • Windows XP 64

  • Vista 64

  • Windows 7 64

  • Windows 8 64

  • Windows 10 64

FossaMail 25.1.2 (20.27 MB)
FossaMail 25.1.5 (17.83 MB)
FossaMail 25.1.6 (20.32 MB)
FossaMail 25.2.0 (20.28 MB)
FossaMail 25.2.1 (20.35 MB)
FossaMail 25.2.2 (20.36 MB)
FossaMail 25.2.3 (20.36 MB)
FossaMail 25.11 (20.3 MB)
FossaMail 27.0.0 (31.16 MB)
FossaMail 38.1.0 (31.16 MB)
FossaMail 38.2.0 (31.65 MB)
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