by Proxima Software

Imports and creates font library easily

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Proxima Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FontExpert is a program for working with fonts. TrueType, OpenType, Adobe Type 1 fonts and raster fonts, including those found on removable media, as well as ones previously installed and uninstalled, are all features of this application.

Besides detecting fonts, this program also has an important function of identifying other documents. As soon as you locate a problem, the built-in "Kiril Expert Advisor" will offer one or more solutions, and it would take only a click to fix it.

In addition, FontExpert installs / deactivates fonts, shows the symbol table, font properties (versions / copyright / metrics / Panose) and gives samples of text with the selected font, as well as allows you to filter fonts by various criteria. Using Groups you can create editable font groups in which a single click creates it. You can sort, copy, move, delete and link font files. The font will have its own label as well as its label in that group.

The search function can be used on computers and network media, filtering out duplicates, spoiled, or misspelled words.

Fonts in FontExpert can be printed using predefined formats, such as lists of characters, sizes, or names of headsets. Using this print page is completely customizable.

- font browsing;

- searching for fonts;

- font management;

- font cataloguing;

- font printing;

- Find out how fonts behave y of the fonts;

- fonts: Identifying and resolving font problems;

- Install Windows Shell os shell;

- Adobe Type 1, TrueType, OpenType, and Raster fonts are supported with the support of Adobe Type 1.

I like how FontExpert handles displaying text even if I'm not a graphic designer. Font previews can be viewed, collections can be viewed, and new fonts can be identified from your own library of font. Besides the possibility to preview a selected font in the context of a map, it's also a neatter feature.
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