Font Creator

by High-Logic B.V.

A preferred way for font enthusiasts to edit, view, and enhance their fonts

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: High-Logic B.V.

Release: Font Creator

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A long-standing update, FontCreator has been molded over time for the Microsoft Windows platform.

With it, font creators can easily and accurately create fonts, view and display their font characters and add/modify font sets in a logical and visually appealing way. FontCreator's user interface can make things even easier, allowing them to do things that they would do otherwise.


Developed by High-Quality Computer Sciences, Font Creator lets you create all types of logos and images.Logic, they have been in business since 1997
  • Compatible with OpenType fonts and TrueType fonts.
  • Using ultra-compression software, we can create and edit web fonts.
  • Real-time fonts will help you to be more creative.A set of world objects; engraved world objects as well.
  • Multiply the font set by ck.
  • The Cover Type to TrueType switch is also the Cover Type to OpenType switch.
  • Tools such as a script that can be converted into complex symbols.
  • Modify how fonts are set to show existing characters.
  • A font will retain OpenType features should it be opened.
  • Scale and color your fonts so you can easily add new font versions.
  • Node optimization.
  • Extract TrueType fonts.
  • Make font sets by adding your own characters.
  • Win your battles with fonts built into your software.
  • The OType editor should be made easier to use with a visual interface.
  • The three vertical metrics used in making fonts that fit vertically.
  • No matter whatEncoding you use, this device supports the format.
  • Preview fonts.
  • Install fonts.

The font creator makes up for the lack of tools by creating rich, graphic documents. Currently it has over 5 million views, which means that you can expect it to incorporate any bug fixes or glitches into it.

In case you are using software like Adobe Photoshop and use stock fonts from websites for your work, this tool will become an indispensable asset for your effort since it enables you to adjust the options to fit your requirements with a great degree of compatibility, and in the event that this solution may not meet With software such as FontCreator creators and Font enthusiasts can take advantage of this powerful feature.

Windows only software.

Jane Adams
a classic resource that has the benefits of larger company names, minus any branding hassles.Publishers of fontography software who promise big results, only to deliver lower results than expected. has a simple GUI for creating understand the interface, one must possess the basic ability of knowing a language.
the thought of purchasing a font creator tery when creating word art was cool. There are several tools available that have the functionality in software; I have no idea why these are necessary without a graphics designer.
With the Windows operating system, you can create a font easily with fonts creator. My entire design team uses this program to make new fonts and I've never had to buy anything else until now. This program presents an easy-to-use interface, and it makes it easy to stay organized. I really enjoy being able to import vector files and use strong contour tools to get my creativity started. An effective font-creating tool should be available for every designer.
Jamie Lamont
A free license is available for this High Logic's font editing software in Windows for Windows that boasts powerful features -formatted from Linux.friendly interface.
Users of Fonts Creator for Windows can design their own custom fonts with their personal touch. After selecting Font family in File > Font Creator by Opening it, you will be able to create fonts that work with it, as well as selecting Character Sets > Fonts, and finally you are able to set which naming will work with each of these characters. The process of
Getting a chance at it is free.!!! Using the same font will provide you with both your own and a redesign of characters from scratch. Characters that do not appear in the font can be a pain, but fortunately, software that made adding all missing characters possible can help you eliminate this problem. Add documents and import images is part of this software's functionality and it's a fantastic choice. The process is quite accessible and beginners can definitely benefit from it.
The shareware version of Font Creator allows users to create their own stylistic fonts by combining existing elements and applying their own elements to different applications. In addition to its ability to create new fonts, Font Creator permits editing existing fonts as well, which provides you with a rough idea of how to do the design you want instead of jumping from one project to the next. In short, it makes fonts much more intuitive.
Computers and devices running Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X are all compatible with this software. Several fonts can be created using the program. This software lets you design endless styles and designs. I am so pleased with this application in its tools, as well as its capability and tools.
My own font type has always been a desire of mine. To create the whole new font for my birthday, I made some invitations and went with Windows's Font Creator. There were so many fun times. Using the interface is easy. When I look at the character and glyph type display panel, I see that there are many variety of glyphs and characters I need. There are three types of open web fonts: true type, open type, and open font. So many choices. Would you please share a list of all the images I can l images to help me create the font. There were so many fun times.
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