FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

by FonePaw Technology Limited

A data recovery application for iPhone

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FonePaw Technology Limited

Release: FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 7.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is a quality recovery software that allows you to recover different kinds of data from many iOS devices. I feel you will be opened- In fact, that it allows you to become open.Find a backup solution to restore lost and deleted data from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch iOS device with the firmware up until iOS 13.

The user interface of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery does not require specialist knowledge as it is quite simple to understand. The instructions are very clear and guide you throughout the process.

You can restore up to an outstanding 31 data types, including contacts, messages, Whatsapp and other app data, call history, audio and video files, notes, voice memos, voicemail, reminders, attachments, and so much more!

If the owner of the phone has forgotten their passcode, the files will likely be able to be restored even if the owner is unavailable to access the phone.Some thieves might do this by stealing, or badly damage a iPhone.

When you use Backup.stopped, thumbnails may not be retrieved and you are only able to surpass this when using Recover from iOS Device (see below for more information).

With high ratings and overwhelmingly positive reviews, almost 4,000,000 dollars of customers (some of them foreign) made up the FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery database.) are satisfied with the product.


  • Supports three recovery modes (see features)
  • Allows content viewing before recovery so that you know what you want
  • It allows selective restoration, making the software more efficient and effective as you do not need to restore everything.
  • The process is relatively straightforward. Well-designed and user-friendly interface - is well designed and user-friendly interface is well designed and user-friendly.friendly.


  • The data recovered goes straight to your PC first. It cannot be restored directly to your iOS device.

Recover different types of missing or deleted data from iOS devices

  • Direct recovery of iOS devices: ds directly: You can use a USB cable to plug your device directly to the computer to recover your data
  • Recover from iTunes backup: Having automatically saved data in your iTunes account makes it possible to recover it. An internet connection is necessary.
  • Recover a backup of your iPhone account: you log on to your account using your Apple ID and password, FonePaw can retrieve your data from iCloud if you have an Apple ID and password.
  • Recover deleted files
  • Supports audio, video, and other personal data recovery
writing for this review took me so long ago for this...!! I would highly recommend buying FonePaw Phone Data Recovery for Windows for Windows owners of iPhones. A couple of months after my iPhone XR Max died, I found that all the files I had on there were inaccessible to all of us and there was not much we could do to get them back. As a result, I looked for different articles on the Internet, until I stumbled on this YouTube video from PayPaw, then purchased it online and downloaded it instantly. As I watched this video, I decided I would try FonePaw and I downloaded it online, which took a little while, once it was installed I set up my phone and its work now. after an hour there were all of my pictures that were available and I was able to find this program and have all of them back. I give it a 5/5.
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