Folder Protect


Prevents others from accessing sensitive folders on Windows computers

Operating system: Windows


Release: Folder Protect 2.0.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Folder Protect for Windows is a software which ensures security and peace of mind for the end-user. It allows the computer user to set a password on the computers drives and solid states.A password can be applied to any folder, document, media file, or any application using the state drive, such as Outlook. Using Access Denial and Password Protection will make your access a great pleasure. A password locks drives and masks applications, among other things, as well as locking certain files, documents, folders, and apps.

Cyber attacks and hacks are prevented with this software. To prevent a threat to workers, it can also be used as a deterrent.Likewise, there is a lot of hardware work done by workers and their families. Folder Protect for Windows has approximately 16 different forms of password protection to ensure the quality of safety that the end-We meet the needs of our users.

File and folder security can be configured through a number of options, such as view, access, edit, or delete, while the software is installed. Automatic Protection can also be enabled by the user. Depending on how long a specific file, folder, or application may be present in automatic security, its time limit may be set by default or by custom configuration settings. As long as you don't forget to turn off or sign off your computer, your important work will remain safe when you are finished.

Safe Mode also makes Windows Folder Protect even more useful, as it protects information during that time. Windows XP uses Safe Mode, which allows pilferers to circumvent conventional computer protections. While you may find it difficult to see your private files while being in Safe Mode, Windows users can always find relief with Folder Protection. Cybersecurity measures like these are truly exceptional. Folder Protect for Windows will further your password protection process; set up passwords well in advance.

With Folder Protect for Windows, users can protect their files from viruses and harmful elements. The program supports most Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.With Windows 10 on the Mac as well!! If you are always updated with high-quality security solutions, your security will always improve with technology. Even if you're not convinced, please use our free trial before you make a purchase.

Provides security for folders in your hard drive.

  • Locks and password-protects documents, applications, and media files
  • Password protection for Windows Files
  • Ability to deny access to applications, files, folders, and documents.
  • Password protection for media (pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Automatically locks files and applications after a certain time period
  1. 16 different forms of password protection.
  2. Ability to deny access or require a password for accessibility.
  3. Protect media, documents, files, folders, and applications with one software.
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