by Native Instruments

FM synthesis has never been simpler thanks to the development of a software synthesizer with sound architecture and innovative features.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Native Instruments

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FM8 is a program that can emulate frequency modulation of a sound wave. Originally it was designed as a digital analogue of the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer, which was popular in the eighties and nineties of the last century and had a large set of instruments, as well as an unusual and memorable sound.

Like its iron colleague, the FM8 has piano-like keys, but only virtual ones. If a MIDI-The program will use your computer keyboard, if you don't, if not, the program is connected to your computer via the regular computer keyboard. You can select this music instrument in turn by pressing the keys and having the program sing it. A number of updates have been made to the built-in instruments: Currently, they are all 1200: The simulation of dynamic organs; instruments such as wind and strings; and different types of electronic instruments have been emulations. Furthermore, users can create a virtual effect rack where they can combine a wide variety of effect types such as distortion, chorus, reverb, panning. You are able to set up modifiers in a preset editor as well as modify the audio in the program.

A sound card of professional quality and an ASIO driver may cause latency levels up to 2ms when combined. means the FM8 has the capability of operating as an effect processor, such as for producing sound at concerts and in recording studios. As well as being able to act as a standalone application, the synthesizer works as an AAX/VST plugin for audio programs.); Studio Cubase); Studio Logic)...

- several operating modes: An effect processor, VIdeo plug-in, and application.

- 1200 presets: The original Yamaha with all its preset sounds from the FM7 version and a large number of new functionality.

- By using the ASIO, you are able minimize the delay and provide faster responses; s can minimize delay and instantaneous response;

- I don't know how many effects you need; a virtual rack lets you turn and create various effect chains on the fly; etc.

- In order to set up automatic arrangements with the Digital Keyboard, one needs the Arpeggiator;; to create automatic arrangements attery to create automatic arrangements when playing the Digital Keyboard;

- If you want a vocoder effect using your microphone input, that's possible.

I really enjoyed learning FM8's programming screen and using it! As one of the early DX7 owners in Texas in the 1980's, I found it incredible that some of the early DX editors were so negative about it! The editors did, too.I am very pleased with the Interface of FM8. What it does is actually very useful.Need it, I'll have to find it, I think.
A common feature of this product is that it has several Mods that can be connected through a single Fm matrix so the sounds taken would mimic a sound wave's frequency. At first, it's not clear what this software has right when you click on its button.
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