A circuit diagraming software that is used in the field of engineering

Operating system: Windows

Release: FluidSIM 5.2b

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FluidSIM is a circuit diagraming software that is used in the field of engineering. In particular, it will be particularly useful for instructors wishing to use the software in their classes, as it offers materials for use with them as they guide them. During the planning of their lessons, they are provided with information including text, video, and images. A circuit designer uses the software to easily design their circuits as it allows them to set up their circuits on the fly. This feature makes it easy to edit and improve the circuit, as well as allowing for real-time testing. This product works on any version of Windows, from Windows XP through Windows 10, so anyone can get it free of charge since it won't take up much time. Although Mac and Linux users are not able to take advantage of it, there is a possibility. Software can be easily accessed because of the bare minimum hardware requirements. The RAM is only 1 GB, making it very small. Users of the product can enter the feature-rich mode so that students only get the basic set-up. In this mode, students can learn the basics of the software quickly before learning more complicated features later on. You can use this approach to get a better grasp of how the software works.


  • Do not require any special hardware or software.
  • Students will have a simpler time learning the basic concepts by using this mode.
  • Teacher education materials are provided so that teachers can plan lesson plans based on those materials.
  • Allows for real-Editing takes place in less time with these tests.

FluidSIM is a software that makes the learning process for its use simply because of its available standard mode for students to learn basic features. Additionally, teachers receive materials so they can prepare their lesson plans. Therefore, students and teachers alike can enjoy this device.

In addition to this, FluidSIM provides teachers with material to teach with the software.

In addition to 1GB of RAM and a processor that has at least 1 gigahertz, the software requires a Windows operating system.

FluidSIM 4.2 (7.68 MB)
FluidSIM 5.2b (326.62 MB)
John Cassidy
Getting a round of circuit checks for electrical engineers is no simple task as not everyone is expert at them. When I asked more newbie employees if they were attracted to fluidsim's easy service, they came away pleasantly impressed. I have no hesitation recommending its services to any small business owner who relies on electricity.
It is very easy to diagram circuits with this software. teachers, students and others can design, test and explain circuits using this software. For those with older machines, the hardware requirements are quite low, which makes it ideal for their software.
Angus Serra
You can test video game controllers on your computer using fluidSIM software for Windows. You can create control systems with this software, and this program takes the command chains to simulate control. includes: This package includes 1 Stacking Magazine station 1 Conveyor station 1 Handling station 1 compressor 230 V with connector for DE, FR, NO, SE, FI, PT, ES, AT, NL, BE, GR, TR, IT, DR, ID or 1 compressor 110 V and 6 ftSystainers with screws and pieces set to the ROM Screw set system.
An easy program could allow you to copy small amounts of digital circuits. Today, fluidSIM applications for Windows are gaining popularity among end users. Due to the fact that it has been upgraded with a number of new features. It is expected that some fresh updates will be made in the future based on the project's success. If you choose an inexpensive model of PC, you may fall for that trap.
My classroom needs assistance with this product, and I appreciate it being available for download. The cricut is quite simple to use.An illustration of what I want to create can be created after creating a simulation. It seems self-pacing. A disadvantage of downloading this product is that I cannot use the Apple OS to do so. When I tried downloading it on the other browser, it didn't work. The activation code for my system could not be found.
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