FlipAlbum Suite

A photo viewing utility program that allows full customization of photo albums.

Operating system: Windows

Release: FlipAlbum Suite 6.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A little application called Flipalbum Suite can convert user's digital photos into 3d pages. You can also play CDs or DVDs containing these albums.


  • Supports MPEG-2 Format
  • Create 3D Albums
  • Supports Animated GIF Format
  • Choose From A Large Number of Templates
  • Add Text & Fonts To Your Albums
  • Create Table Of Contents In Your Albums
  • Free 30 Day Trail

All computers come with some sort of photo editing software and the truth of the matter is they are all lackluster. The software most likely isn't capable of enhancing albums by creating so many additional features. Most photo management programs simply don't do a good enough job of organizing photos. I assure you, if you searched for your image there would have been a large number of odd looking names on the scene which you could have trouble remembering. When using Flipalbum Suite all those issues are a thing of the past.

Even if you have books filled with physical photographs, Flipalbum Suite can create digital copies of those photos and preserve them forever. Infuse your business with ease through intuitive, easy-to-use software. The program guides you through all the features and processes so you're not left with guesswork when it comes to picking up the phone. It takes less than five minutes to get up to speed with the program after installation. Manage photos in Flipalbum Suite with ease. In addition to being able to take a multitude of photos and organize them any way you like, it has one of the best 3D album creation features. You may ask yourself, "Is it necessary to flip through pages of a physical photo album?". Flipalbum Suite is now available on virtually any device allowing you to play back music to that album virtually at any time. The only complaint I have may occur when listening to the album on computer because it only plays when it is attached to that computer. Copying an album to a CD or DVD does not restore the album to its original state. The program is great in all aspects and would be a great investment.

Create a quick tool that allows you to manage thousands of photos stored on your computer.
While I'm working as a graphic artist for a long time now, I do an extensive amount of 3d page flipping of albums from digital images. As someone who is hesitant about taking advantage of something else, I am eager to try out this product. What I find most surprising about it and what turned out to be beyond what I was expecting is that it actually worked. I'd been able to store and manage my artistic works on my phone much faster than ever before.
GOOD SOFTWARE AND ITS VERY USEFUL TO ALL AND TO ME CREATE 3D ALBLUM AND VERY EASYLY TO USE THANK YOU FOR GIVING THIS TYPE PF SOFTWARES , What I find most surprising about it and what turned out to be beyond what I was expecting is that it actually worked.
It contains Hue and saturation, and its color management features is excellent as well. To add some element of drama to your images, DXO HSL can be combined with LED lamps.A new color adjustment is being implemented for colors like oranges and purples, that will highlight those colors.Transitions can also be adjusted and colors can be replaced.The product is user-friendly and powerful.The effects can be instant as well.Computed by means of EOL HSL, DXO HSL is a designed with the functionality of a EOL HSL.Similarly, this product can remove undesirable objects as well.
Joseph Albertson
For organizing pictures, this might be helpful. rating is't bad. The big rows sometimes had difficulties showing a picture.
Using this software is simple and fast. The user can create his or her own virtual albums for photos and videos. Export options available in all the formats can be achieved with this application, in which there are numerous user-friendly features. Users are able to change the background music of the programs, to add their own lyrics, as well as personalize text options using this software.
Since it provides a handy window that can be shared via CDs and the Internet, this piece is valuable. Another form in which it has excelled is with e used for full-Several collection types of images can be organized on a page, as well as a rich text and media background. A major portion of the work on interactive media designs and most standard pictures is dependent on this.There have been no errors so far with this application, and it's strong and well designed.
It is a powerful photo editing application, so it is ideal for beginners. Adding filters to photos, adding texts, relarging images, and more is made easier with this app.
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