by Michael K

A simple web browser program for Microsoft Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Michael K

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FlashFire is a browser that offers the user only the most essential functionality. Basically, all it does is upload web pages and make sure Google sees them as soon as you click on one. However, with the first problem, the browser is almost a very ancient style and does not support modern standards for the web. Since the program was released at a time when it lacked certain functionality like its "colleagues," however, now it has matured. As a matter of fact, the developer did not release the final version to the public while it was still in beta status.testing. Despite its tiny functionality, even the smallest of features may not be able to work. Besides setting and navigation section in the program, which, from an original estimate, already existed in a browser, here it would only display an empty version. As another reminder, the browser is in beta testing (no guarantee that it'll be released anytime soon).

If you try to find any positive aspects in FlashFire, you can note the relatively high speed and small size of the distribution. As far as working goes, he does not put a lot of pressure on the system. These findings may attract the attention of users of automatic "clickers" and similar programs.

The vast majority of users want FlashFire to work and be convenient, so at the very least they need to know that browser has grown considerably in both parameters over the past couple years.

- controls and navigation elements on a graphic shell at all times;

- You can access the Google search engine in minutes.

- Page loading speed is faster with a low CPU load;

- Modern web standards do not have many supporters.

- What a boot manager would do; I would bookmarked section and other familiar functionality; et al.

- There are no settings to choose from.

If Flashfire is given a chance to correct its flaws and is improved, I think it will be successful. The browser currently does not work without an active server. Installing this web browser on my computer will require a lot of work.
Older browsers have an inherent nostalgia and novelty to them, and of course have an advantage over it since it is not so mainstream and impossible to recognize anymore. Due to its speedy nature, as well as the fact that it does not load videos or use flash, etc., it is very easy to use.
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