FlashDevelop is an advanced project development application which includes an array of different tools for developers

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Developing flash applications can be enormously time-consuming and challenging. Mika Palmu has created a special application called FlashDevelop to easily navigate the code. Many developers have contributed to this software, making it the best and most open source software in its class.

Create creative projects with this easy-to-use application. As part of its functions, one is able to create code as well as launch debugging processes, insert ready-to-run pages and more.Additionally, I produced template packages so the project looks great. Programs should also be free to distribute.

- By using SWFMILL Mtasc (using a portable standalone command line tool), you can manage AS2 projects seamlessly;

- To learn ActionScript II and ActionScript III, visit: https://vimeo.com/

- Actionscript code generators;

- Results output by the tested product from Adobe Flash IDE;

- ASO files are automatically cleaned.

- It covers all of the major browsers: XML, HTML / PHP / JS / CSS code uch, HTML / PHP, JS, CSS code highlighting;

- character encoding;

- The app is available for free download.

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