FileWing Shredder

by Abelssoft

A lightweight application that's designed to help you delete files from your PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Abelssoft

Release: FileWing Shredder 5.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FileWing Shredder for Windows is an incredible application that essentially lets you permanently delete any file in any format on your computer. It makes them unrecoverable if needed as well that this work. There are a number of impressive uses of this technology for enterprises, depending on the use case.

For instance, if there is a need for an employee to delete personal client information off of a business computer, FileWing Shredder for Windows is the perfect solution to make sure that the information is permanently deleted. There's no further liability on the part of the company with FileWing Shredder for Windows, because everyone is taken out of the picture.

For instance, if an employee leaves a company, then he or she collects personal information on the computer via their departure. This tool has proven to be an absolute delight to use, in case you were wondering. Since this computer will be moved to another new employee while there is an upcoming transfer of human resource duties, the situation will be seamless. Library or printing store computers may also be useful.

extremely lightweight, and also extremely powerful. A powerful algorithm is used for the application so it can be loaded on virtually any PC or laptop. Users of all levels are offered the option of deleting files quickly and easily through the user interface.

With FileWing, an old, slow computer can now get enhanced speed, free space for free hard drives and much greater security. In addition, options that require you to permanently remove data may allow you to retain it. It has a variety of modes, strengths and skills on a wide range of platforms.

Delete your files neatly and permanently on your PC in an almost-immediate manner.

  • Supports several methods of file removal for the variety of file types, file environments and challenging PC environments
  • Irreversibly removes files in a permanent way and save so that even forensic tools can't gain access
  • Simple user interface for users of all levels giving them the freedom to interact with their computers
  • Remove files or entire directories for multiple enterprise use cases from new employee hires to respecting a client's interaction with their computers, FileWing has your business covered.
  • Windows 7 and older OSes make use of it, and more than a dozen languages support it. In addition to being free for the first license, there are some models which require a payment in addition to the initial license.
My opinion is I am very concerned about privacy on the internet. I have had a lot of privacy concerns, and this software provided an effective means to resolve these issues. Users can access the FileWing Shredder software.friendly interface. It is possible to destroy data in seven different ways. Overwriting 35 times is a favorite of mine. The safety level it provides is extremely high for me. In addition to their customer service support by email, I am happy to receive this service from them. It is great to have such a caring team of customer service.
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