by Balesio AG

compresses files automatically and preserves their original quality without the need for compression processing.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Balesio AG

Release: FILEminimizerSuite 8.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I highly recommend this free Windows software program, which offers great performance and a way to save your devices' space. You can use this program, so it basically keeps the space on your hard drive of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files by a large amount without the need to zip them up or discard them entirely. As a result of compressing these files properly without zipping them, no zip folder was needed for every single file, and resulting file sizes were kept between 50 and 90% the same size. There is no need to switch between file types or drop quality without saving you all the time. It is compatible with several formats, including PDF, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF, EMF, and PNG.

A feature of this program that you will probably be most pleased with is that there will no noticeable changes in quality throughout the program. There's no need to abandon this program; your files won't change, but they will take up less space. The original quality is always available, because the file format can be optimize and is lossless, so no matter how you insert it or remove it, the original quality will remain unchanged.

In addition to providing embedded support for Microsoft Office and email apps, the application allows you to enhance your overall experience even further.Using a client like this allows work to be done with attachments, which you attach before it goes into action. Essentially, if you try and send an email and it takes up so much space and bypasses the sending limits for you. If you send fewer emails, make sure all your files are organized in the same batch email, otherwise they will end up in everyone's inbox rather than in yours.

I highly recommend this utility as it saves space, saves time, and saves files by making them easier to organize. For students, professionals, and anyone who is concerned with managing a big amount of files, I would recommend this system.

Is lossless and all original quality is always retained through compression

  • File compressor, save a lot of space being used up
  • Does not require zipping
  • Lossless, preserve the original quality
  • Works with several file types
  • Simple and easy to use
With file minimizer, the format of your PDFs and other files is reduced without sacrificing quality. This will aid you if you need a smaller file for emailing. No one needs to zip their files when he or she does these things.
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