FileMenu Tools

by LopeSoft

File tools for windows servers provided

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LopeSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FileMenu Tools opens the possibility of configuring the context menu of Windows Explorer, which is called by the right mouse button. It is suitable for beginners to install and configuration of this program, without any special skills. With the Windows 10 interface, you can navigate quickly and easily through the various sections of the program. In its own GUI, the utility can place commands in the context menu, "Send" and elsewhere. Context menus serve as the following keys. In addition, a number of optional settings for the menu, menu text, comments, icons, menu items types, file extensions, folders and hotkeys can be configured.

Any change can be saved to an INI or REG file. FileMenu Tools uses a minimum of CPU power and RAM, responds quickly to user actions, supports two interface languages, and includes user documentation, while the stability of the program engine ensures error-free and hover-free operation.

- Adding built-in utilities at the context menus for operations with files, folders, etc.

- Adding a submenu ng";

- Enabling/Disabling commands added to the context menu by other applications is part of that functionality.

- We provide you with a simple, pleasant interface.

An easy-to-use interface distinguishes this product, and beginners should really find it invaluable. Its quick response time and ease of understanding makes it a perfect tool for users to use. The fact that FileMenu Tools allows you to use hot keys to enhance your menu design was one of my favorites. There is a very good interface to this one.
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