It provides rapid file sharing through a convenient program.
Cabos logo
Having a very minimalistic feel when it comes to file-sharing.
Ares Galaxy logo
An application that allows multiple files to be shared at once.
Halite logo
A client for managin torrent files created on the BitTorrent platform.
DC++ logo
In this application, you can both readers and viewers for PDF files.
NewsLeecher logo
An application that allows accessing tionary for accessing the Usenet.
CouchPotato logo
You can download movies directly from the site if they are available soon.
Novaroma logo
Free Open Source Program to Organize & Keep Up With Your Favorite TV Shows & Movies
Vuze Leap logo
Client that supports torrenting on multiple servers.
iFolder logo
The Folder for Windows is designed to hold information.
Ace Stream logo
Multimedia player that plays video in Microsoft Windows.
MEGAsync logo
A cloud-Sync files across multiple devices with this Sync All Files app.
Zona logo
Online entertainment information website with huge entertaining information.
File Transfer logo
Various types of files can be selected and transferred using this tool.
Shareaza logo
Peer sharing via Shareaza is is an easy-to-use, free, peer-to-peer file sharing client from Microsoft that is spyware and bundled software-free.
FreeNet logo
Online communication and privacy can never be more secure than by using this method.- and it's free
Joxi logo
User can use this service to send instantly screenshots and files to each other via the Internet.
BitComet logo
Using BitComet as a BitTorrent download server is a great choice since BitComet is super-fast and super and easy-to-use
Popcorn Time logo
Windows Movie Maker is one of the most popular apps for viewing movies.
SideSync logo
WiFi-connected USB drives are compatible with deicing.
uTorrent logo
Using a torrenting program you can access videos to play on your computer.
RetroShare logo
Connecting your friends and family securely on encrypted communication services.
BitTorrent logo
Torrents are programs used for download through the power of p2p and to find their corresponding programs on a torrent.
Shareman logo
P2P file sharing, download manager, and chat can all be combined in this tool.
NetDrive logo
Recovers program files on your network.
SHAREit logo
The ability to share your content among devices so that they can all share it at lightning fast speeds.
Movie Torrent logo
Use of Windows-based exchange to exchange documents.
Resilio Sync (BitTorrent Sync) logo
A proprietary peer-to-A peer file synchronization tool that supports a cross-platform application.
Ubuntu One logo
A Windows operating system called Ubuntu One.
Clip2Net logo
Screen shots can then be taken, edited, stored, and uploaded.
Transmission Remote GUI logo
Users of cross platform devices can take advantage of this.
qBittorrent logo
The qBittorrent free software is an open source project designed to provide speedTorrent.
Your cloud storage and FTP servers together in one desktop solution.
eMule logo
A free peer- to-peer file sharing website that was recently can be shared with others using the peer (P2P) file-sharing client on Windows.
Zapya logo
File sharing with any type of application so as not to be affected when accessing files over the wireless networking protocol.
Jumpshare for Desktop logo
The easiest way to share files with Windows is never been easier.
FrostWire logo
All that can be done with this media player library and file sharing.
Jumpshare logo
Allowing users to easily and comfortably share files with one another.time.
iMesh logo
The world of music and video plays in your computer.
LimeZilla logo
Limewire allows you to create peer-to-peer file sharing (p2p) software.
Vuze logo
a free download with Windows 10.Windows and Android devices can use this torrent software.
Feem logo
Without an internet connection, you can download files from your local network.
MotoCast logo
Keeping the Motocast installed will require maintaining an active, active Internet connection with the computer.
Samsung AllShare logo
Samsung phones can share media via an application.
BitSpirit logo
It is an application that lets users download torrents from various file types as easily as the client itself.
PeerGuardian logo
It is safer to use P2P connections when using the security and privacy features.
Torrent Rover logo
Finder that is a simple to use torrent file download utility that allows you to locate files quickly and efficiently.
iMule logo
Connecting anonymous P2P networks through a file exchange utility.
iTube Downloader logo
Вownload things called torrents to any of your devices to enjoy tv, movies, and music.
LuckyWire logo
A Peer-to-Peer downloader based on Limewire. It allows you to download your favorite files.
VyprVPN logo
VyprVPN is considered the world’s most powerful VPN. It allows for fast VPN without the use of third party software.
LemonWire logo
A P2P file-sharing program without the need for torrents
PPStream logo
Online streaming P2P software which allows user to watch TV Program online.
Pelismagnet logo
Pelismagnet is an application which is using to watch movies, TV series and televisions, etc.
Deluge logo
A cross-platform BitTorrent client written in Python
Windscribe logo
A VPN client for Windows that also includes a firewall.
GigaTribe logo
A great option for sharing your files with friends