by FeePerfect

Transfer files on your local network without an internet connection

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FeePerfect

Release: Feem 4.2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Feem is an offline file transfer application that's faster and more secure than Bluetooth or the cloud and is compatible with all your favorite devices.


  • Offline file transfers using wifi direct or local network
  • 50x faster than Bluetooth, 2x faster than Dropbox
  • Large file size capability that does not affect your monthly online data bandwidth
  • TLS encryption on transfers to ensure secure transfers.
  • Whether you want to use it on your Mac, Linux, Android, IOS and Windows phone, it works.

Feem is a file transfer application for use anywhere your devices are. You can use it at home, in your classroom, or at your business. With either your local area network or the WiFi direct feature, you can securely transfer files between devices by using the same network. In contrast to competitive services (clickboxes or onedrives), transfers require neither an internet connection nor a local network, as they are performed via WiFi directly. Transfers are made with a secure chip. While using them over the computer takes as little as two seconds, taking up to 50X as long as over bluetooth.

You may want to try free version of Feem instead of Dropbox, because it does not require a web connection and the speed is better.

Your file transfer needs will only be addressed by Feem. By utilizing TLS encryption, it increases the security by using two hundred times as much bandwidth as bluetooth. Feem is a fantastic way to transfer your precious data faster and more securely, especially if you use up your precious resource bandwidth. The services covered by Venmo work well for both personal and business use and fill a void left over by the absence of cloud-based services.

You can perform a paid service on more than one device, including windows, Mac OS X, Android, and even Windows phones. There is no greater or easier choice in terms of technology than this: there isn't support for as many devices, including Mac OS X. Since Feem is designed in real time, it has a encryption algorithm that takes TLS with backing. With all this data available, why not consider using a file transfer service that serves your needs both online as well offline.

Using feem to transfer all your pictures, documents, music, and other files between all your devices will save you a lot of money.

In addition to OS X and Windows, Feem is also compatible on Linux and Android 4 OSes.There are now options for Windows Phone 8.0, OS X 8+ and Apple iOS 8+.The program is offered free of charge to students with a minimum of experience.

You'll pay a fee to share files offline if you're on the same network as the others in Feem. You and your colleagues, friends, family, or loved ones will enjoy it.
File transferring via a simple and secure network without requiring internet connectivity or bandwidth. Your files will be transferred seamlessly over your network and securely into another device near you with ease. The installation is extremely simple and there are no complicated setups for the network sharing. There is no need to install it in any way. Online video transmission can be done on Feem Webshare based on web browsers. You do not want or need to use cloud storage services on your end.
Many people (including me) are hesitant to share documents online since the Cloud platforms may be vulnerable to attack. Instead of complicated menus, Feem provides an easy way to use the program. In addition to saving your device's hard drive, you may also remove the need for online storage. To use software that comes from one company is very complex and difficult. Feem is something I currently use & will continue to use for many years to come.
An unbelievable product which could have saved my life many times and I had no idea it was that amazing. Also cheap -- $10 a year per family option?? That's insane! Files can be shared on Feem without WiFi or cellular service and can only be done automatically with the application that downloads for each domain.
When combined with Microsoft Feem for Windows, you have an easy way to share any kind of file. With Feem for Windows, you don't have to be connected to the internet. Program must be installed as it is designed. Once the tools are in place, users can begin using them. Since that program lets you share files, it is convenient to do so. You can now manage files on any device using this app and you can transfer them to others as well.
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