by GKC ElectroSoft

A file monitor that helps to keep you safe

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GKC ElectroSoft

Release: FControl 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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By using Fcontrol, you can ensure that your files are protected from editing and shut down your computer when files containing controlled information are editing. Your computer is safer during online browsing and software downloads if you install it. Additionally, the option allows you to lock some of your files so if you are away from home, a nosey roommate or a sneaky partner might be able to install spyware that locks your computer.

In terms of simplicity, Fcontrol is one of the best tools available. There's a lot of functionality in it. It's very user-friendly. People say that learning this subject is easy no matter how old they are.

Downloading things over the internet using this software can help keep you safe. The file you're trying to access is trying to edit one of the files in which you have set to be controlled, causing it to shut down.

Fcontrol is one of the simplest and best free programs to maintain the security of your computer.

Keeps downloaded malware off of your computer and prevents malfunction of the computer

  • will keep away nosey housemates
  • helps control your files
  • convenient tool
  • manages your software
  • finds errors in some software for you
Being able to monitor all of the files, folders and applications I access, along with having another layer of protection, on top of viruses and malware that prevent traditional software from working is a great advantage for my computer. Also, FControl ensures my files are not at risk of misplacement.
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