FastStone Photo Resizer

by FastStone Soft

Allows for photos to be resized on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FastStone Soft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FastStone Photo Resizer is a convenient, functional and completely free program for fast processing, renaming and resizing of images. It can connect to a large number of file types. If you need to quickly arrange the copyright on multiple photo files, resize many photo files or rename a group of files, you can use this program. Do not make it about images - that's not it. Starting with version 3. If you haven't got it, you can download it here.3 FastStone Photo Resizer supports batch change of names for any files.

Besides flipping the image, transforming, sharpening, saturation, fading and flipping the resolution at the same time, Photo Resizer is able to crop the picture with input parameters like brightness, contrast, gamut, and saturation, changing the color depth, switching B/W setting, switching the red and A lot of times when printing, the number of dots per inch as a mark-up is necessary, or when printing as well, the number of watermarks is also important.

As an example, the Resize function - requires significant configurable parameters in all functions. resizing - In which units is an image resizing option? This option can be selected:

pixels, then you have the option of choosing a algorithm for resizing your image on such scale for the minimum picture quality change;?

If you want to reduce the picture by 25%, you would use this percentage; ;

If you plan on printing in centimeters or inches, ve images for printing;

In one step based on 1 side. It is necessary to make sure the proportions are correct while you are designing a large number of images having different resolutions. I can based on length and width, along with the length and short side. This appears to be the case in practice: For the ten photos with resolutions ranging from 1366*768 to 3008*2000, you will have to reduce them by about 600 pixels in each case to maintain the ratio between horizontal and vertical sections. You can ine and vertical, 2x3 and 3x4, and so on. You just need to choose Resize > Resize based on one side, select Long Side in the Predefined Side tab - When you're setting a conversion by length or by exactly-setting 800, do so properly. An integrated program will operate by itself. you are unsure on whether the decision was right - please feel free to ask. There is a preview button on each tab where you can compare the modified image with an original image.

There are so many settings and features available for FastStone Photo Resizer that you won't have a problem getting up to speed.

- 100% free of charge; How does the program work? ;

- Convert and rename ck and rename images in batch mode;

- When renaming a batch file, this feature is important: e able to rename any files in batch mode;

- Contribute to ease of graphic formats;

- Formats can be resizing, crop, adjusting color depth, adding text, watermarks, or creating frames; and watermarks and rotate the image.

- Whether the file's name should be specified using a template; Whether a portion name should be added; etc.

- Structure the folder; Duplicate the subfolder.

- The ability to save separate files containing settings.

This product has great potential, I believe. Due to the large files that need to be moved frequently, these items allow for greater flexibility in arranging and transferring them. Take a look for yourself. It's five stars. If they do it, I will have the ability to do it.
Fast Stone Photo. Windows is the recipient of this free downloadable program. As well as photo resizing, the program can rename photographs and rotate them.Multi-channel image processing is available via FAX, as well as a flexible URL address field. You need FastStone to take professional photos.
With Faststone Photo Resizer, image resizing is quick and simple to do. Using this free software, the user can crop a picture, put text on the picture, or add watermarks to it. A batch process is also a way of manipulating multiple images with the tool.
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