by DeskSoft

A system extension which provides faster access to files and folder contents

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DeskSoft

Release: FastFolders 5.9.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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When you've worked in a computer for a long time and have lots of documents to work on and personal projects, it can be incredibly difficult for you to locate what you need when navigating the menu system. Despite spending hours hunting folders so that you can find the one file in your collection but will not find it in the search menu, trying mouse and cat games in endless collections for hours does nothing but irritate me. However, thanks to FastFolders for Windows, this worry is a concern of the past. FastFolders works by adding a menu item to the contextual menu system of Windows Shell folders that displays the entire folder directory structure immediately and far quicker than Windows does. By allowing users to bypass the typical process and then take their folders and files with them to the office instead, this program ensures worker productivity and overall satisfaction to anyone using it.

As well as powerful user functionality, Workflow 2.0 adds other features to further boost productivity. This program makes use of the user's right thumb to select a folder or file, so the menu system automatically populates a collection of commonly used folders or recently accessed folders when the user simply drags on the tool bar. In contrast to multi-window setups, this lets the user simply drag and drop with the option open in both. Additionally, users can customize and split large directories using multiple columns for field tagging and filtering. An individual could alter some fine details, including how fast Windows menus appear, if the program can give effect to them. It has been proven that it will ease all your concerns and worries on top of being able to access the Explorer database.


Enables the user to browse the directory structure of their system without opening each individual folder
  • Completely modifies the entire Windows contextual menu regarding folders and files by adding a menu which displays the directory structure immediately.
  • Allows for individual files to work in the menu in addition to folders to give the user fast and efficient access to all of the available content on their computer
  • Enables unique keyboard shortcuts such as pressing S to display item sizes or pressing C to copy the list of directory contents to the clipboard easily and quickly
  • Gives the user the ability to split up large directories into various columns for increased organization and easier access
  • Allows for deep and advanced user customization by giving users the ability to change menu speed and many other Windows menu variables

All Windows operating systems that support the program.

anybody looking for a way to increase their productivity in a very quick and efffort this product to anybody that is interested in increasing their productivity in a quick and easy way. It offers you the ability to access your files and folders in a matter of seconds. There are no more folders to change in a directory; all you have to do is save it as your regular file format. It provides support for over 32 bit and 64 bit systems including Windows 7, 8, 9, 10, and some types of AMD systems.
The FastFolders extension provides access and availability to every folder, whether on your hard drive or on the Web, via the right mouse wheel.You can use the context menu instead of the traditional method of browsing by clicking on it. The FastFolder also has a document size display to help identify files; it has directory columns for easier organization; it also has shortcut keys and in-built hotkeys.depth customization. The FastFolders product can take care of storing and organizing your folders well for you if it's what you're looking for.
folders can be an exhausting process in trying to find them all on a computer. This can be particularly true for those who enjoy gaming and want to modify the game. Using this application, you can manage all of your computer's files and contents over the entire Internet in less than a minute. The best gaming gift you'll ever receive is this.
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