Family Tree Builder

by MyHeritage Ltd

Free geneology software available for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MyHeritage Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Family Tree Builder is an application designed to create genealogical trees. Their creation is incredibly easy and the concept of being simple do not create difficulties for them.out user interface.

Users of the program can add new family members to the tree, establish connections and add other information with various features and functions. Photograph, video, and document integration is possible with the application. The family tree can be compared with that of others, matches can be found, and new relatives can be discovered through connections to your family tree. Please consider publishing the tree on a site where it can be shared with people. Even in Family Tree Builder there is a simple graphical editor that improves the quality of old pictures. A major point to note is that at present this application is the highest level in quality and thought.With this system, you can utilize it without an annual fee.

- Having a simple and easy way to use them;

- Relatives' and place of residence information can be visualized using a map);

- Compare it with tens of thousands of trees; correlate the two factors; cross examine ted tree with thousands of others for coincidences;

- publishing the tree; and sharing it with others.

- Site thematic search can allow you to find people automatically.

There is such a cool software. In addition to learning where my family members came from, I was able to look around and see how my distant relatives looked. The map provides me with a glimpse into where my ancestors came from geographically. You always wonder what your ancestry is, especially as a result of growing up in America. By using this program, I am able to gain a better understanding of all my physical and personality traits. All the small but important details about my personality and background seem to be coming to light. Definitely recommend!
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