by Flux Software LLC

Cross-platofmr computer program for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Flux Software LLC

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Last revision: Last week

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F.lux is a utility designed for those who work at the computer at night. You might be able to adjust the color temperature on the monitor, based on the time of day. During night hours, the eyes will need not become too stretched, so a warm color scheme will be applied. Also daytime colors that do not cause rejection from sunlight, such as green or black.

Before starting the program, you must enter your location (Settings → Set Your Location). This is needed to automatically detect sunrise within your time zone. Simply type in the name of the city (in English) or the postcode.

The authors tried to provide several ergonomic regimes at once. Among them is Darkroom Mode. Of course, it's hardly intended for everyday things. His main task is to protect his eyes from a sudden change of scenery. This mode is ideal for the following situation: a person woke up at night and urgently needed to sit down at the computer without turning on the light. Movie Mode allows you to watch movies and media files in nightlight for 150 minutes. The color scheme remains almost the same, except for the sharp red tones. Safe Mode is suitable for slow office machines that may have problems running this utility. To change modes, use the context menu on the program icon in the tray (right-click). To start Darkroom Mode, select Lighting at Night → Expand Color Range in the context menu and restart the computer. The mode will then appear in the main list.

If you need to go back to the same color temperature, you can use the Disable for one hour (for doing color-sensitive work) option. Check the box and the software will reset the monitor to its previous settings for 1 hour.

If you are having trouble "burning your eyes" while working behind your monitor at night, you should definitely try using the program.

- Automatically adjust the color temperature for convenient work at the computer;

- working with different color modes;

- There is a demo or Preview version (click on the main window) that shows the gamma change throughout the day;

- support for hotkeys to adjust the brightness.

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It adjusts for me. I like it and helps my eyes cope with computer work. Such simple software but helps a lot and adjusts to timezones and dark modes. Timing software that can go along with other programs and hope new addons and updates follow along.
This application is great for making the screen easier to read at different times of the day. I like the feature where you can select a city so that it can choose the times that you need for you, and the fact that it is a free program.
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