by F-Secure Corporation

A VPN service that protects your privacy online

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: F-Secure Corporation

Release: F-Secure FREEDOME VPN 2.27.5861.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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An anonymous virtual private network (VPN) is available using Freedome. In order to keep your identity hidden when using a VPN service, your IP address is redirected to a different address. When Freedome VPN is used in conjunction with providing an IP address mask, data encryption is provided on the VPN on your network that you currently are on, thus making it more secure.You might be hacked if you're looking to have control over your private data. With Freedome you get the combination of simplicity and geo- friendliness you would expect from a VPN.There are various locations around the world to choose from for your vacation.

Furthermore, the interface of the system has a lot of intuitive features that make it easy to access and use. Other built-in features include a tracking feature for how often data has been blocked and how many attempts have been made on it.

Along with IP-Furthermore, Freedome provides Ghostery plugins that assist in further filtering out the website activity by removing the tag.A premium VPN service that tracks your browsing behavior, such as PureVPN or LastPass. There is no loss of quality from either VPN servers or your data through Freedome, unlike other VPN services that greatly degrade your Internet speed. Freedome users are able to stream 4K video files on their VPN servers.

You can watch Netflix on a different device in a different country without having to wait in line to have it shipped to your house. The vast variety of geographical information is easy to navigate.you to select a location across the globe that will give you the most options available to you.

Please see the following list of Freedome's list of capabilities.

Provides private and anonymous web surfing

  • Bypass geo-preferential communications to change your IP address.restrictions
  • Block online tracking from third parties, and advertisements
  • Be safe on public wi-fi networks, through data encryption provided by Freedome
  • Easily use this software, with its one-button clicking simplicity
  • Complimentary Ghostery plugin
  • Real-The time it takes for data and data to appear during connection and data replication.
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