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Communications based on video and voice can be done with this software.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ezTalks Co.,Ltd

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ezTalks is an application software which is created for voice and video conferencing, in this present age and technology advancement there is need to be at various point in time and space with relevant info and persons, eztalks gives a platform to connect with other people in other geographical locations, be it business partners, friends, relatives. With a reliable and powerful platform to connect with other locations with ease, ezTalk guarantees lots of features that make video conferencing enjoyable and fun. As a result of the new version, voice and video conferencing are now functional, as new features are added that make it easier.

ezTalks has the ability to combine more than 80 people at once, which is quite much, whereas other application software in this category does not exhibit this ability for its users. Therefore, as an enterprise runs smoothly, its staff is automatically available for you on a daily basis instead of your need.

There are some important features of ezTalks for enabling the software to work with more operating systems including Android, iOS, Mac, Mac, and Windows, in addition to ones provided by other applications. Additionally, compatibility with other operating systems aside from those with Windows has made it stand out If successful installation, use ezTalks easily and use the powerful web based interface. As for user features, you can easily add a Facebook account or sign in for Google account, and scheduling sessions and sharing content is also easy. Among other features, ezTalks offers the option to disable participants' voices during a seminar or other activities, as well as letting them speak freely in other settings - which will enhance attendee experiences.like events.

  • ezTalks is powerful and reliable video conferencing software
  • It can connect lots of participant in a region of 100 people at once
  • ezTalks provides alarms and reminders of scheduled meetings with reference to other participants and their time zones
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Many people talk about Zoom. However, could you please suggest an alternative? Would you mind checking ezTalks, a video chat client that is superior to Zoom, Skype, Discord, all the other pretenders, or even a one-hour-long video tele-chat?. Get this: A free trial will give you up to 100 points in no time. Exactly one hundred pounds - that's one hundred and twenty four grams. Do you participate l plan! You can share and view your screen, display charts and graphs to your business meetings, or watch back selected videos to make the other people more comfortable. Easy to use, fast, and easily hosts several hundred people in one call, as well. An appropriate way to celebrate business or birthdays!! Switching to ezTalks instead would be far more convenient and beneficial. There'll be no problems! The trick is to be sure!
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