by ExtraPuTTY

An advanced version of PuTTY.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ExtraPuTTY

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ExtraPuTTY software utility gives better performance on the PuTTY interface. Windows is the only operating system it is compatible with. By executing preset commands, this software expedites the entry/exit process as well as restores the terminals when finished. It automates login. By doing so, you can enter the system more easily.This is much simpler than traditional. The network includes numerous monitoring and tracing tools so you can trace all commands on it.


  • allows LUA scripting sessions
  • command sequencing
  • DLL front-end
  • FTP, SCP, TFTP file transfer protocol integrated
  • integrates PuTTY's session manager
  • launch new terminals
  • portable (uses directory structure)
  • pre-define command shortcuts
  • send cmd to multiple putty windows with PuTTYcmdSender
  • status bar and menu inside PuTTY window
  • USB portable (can use with a USB drive)
  • works with protocols: Raw & RLogin
  • Ymodem, Xmodem, Zmodem integrated (and others)

ExtraPuTTY for Windows file transfer process surpasses the SSH client to enable communication between computers on a network in a more timely manner. It works hand-in-While using PuTTY, you can have all the above functions. For Telnet and SSH connections, this is definitely the best. There is a lot of information and simplicity in it tional and easy-to-use.

There is greater connectivity toward the network possible because PuTTY software runs over the interfaces in the servers and tools kit.

PC users on Windows (32/64) are allowed to download ExtraPuTTY as freeware.Neither OS restrictions nor specific OS requirements apply here.

As a client, you will use the SSH standard.

Software users are encouraged to download it for free.

This is open-source program that allows users to do things such as send email, videoconferencing, and more.This publication provides Putty SSH and its source code. Users can manage their sessions via the interface and engage in DLL interfacing using new capabilities. Integration with TestStand is also possible. In general, I enjoy it due to its ability to integrate with multiple projects, particularly those based on PuTTY NuTTY and PuTTY cygterm.
A Telnet, USB connection with a connection between Telnet and an SSL adapter is preferable.Automatic logon script 2.Putty Session Manager 3.Report Generation 4.Virtual key codes. 5.Unprintable characters. 6.You can view the menu bars in the window 7 of PuTTY.Startup in full-screen mode 8.As you open PuTTY windows 9, you will see the status bar.FTP Client integration 10.TFTP integration 11.SFTP integration
One of the reasons I love ExtraPuTTY for Windows is the ease and speed with which it lets you gain access to your PCTTY. ExtraPuTTy, which is both a simplified version of PuTTY but also a manager with the ability to monitor and manage all the commands on your computer's network, is quite the thing to do. I find it enjoyable that new terminals can be pulled up when the system is running.
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