Express Assist

by Ajsystems

The best application for easy backup of all forms of data

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ajsystems

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Last revision: Last week

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Express Assist is designed as a lightweight software application with a strong purpose of helping users to create data from Windows Live Mail Desktop and Outlook Express.

Express Assist application uses a wizard-like approach in providing the help of backing up of data from users. Users of the utility who are especially beginners, particularly those who are new to it, may enjoy the benefits. In addition to this step, it offers a wealth of other guide till the end of the application configuration exercise.

The app gives the users option to select between two tasks it should carry out for you. It is possible for users to archive or restore a copy of all key components of your computer, including images, music files, documents, and photos.

In Express Assist, browsers and email clients you are able to save or backup will be decided by users. Additionally, those who access these settings have the capability of sharing files, my desktop, my documents, my music, my pictures, and Windows contacts with other users.This allows you to backup what you'd like.

Using the app, the areas suggested above are automatically scanned, and a list containing files of various types appears when the app is run. Additionally, users are able to select a backup element manually when choosing for inclusion or exclusion. Using an encrypted 256-bit algorithm can also be applied to any file to protect or protect their backup. Additionally, users can chose where they want to store their backups.bit AES.

It also includes numerous other features that can be used, such as making suggestions and deleting past backup sets when they become useless or exceed how many copies are acceptable or making a backup from scratch.

Tasks can also be scheduled based on conditions in the scheduler. In some cases, it completes automatic backups by analyzing data like shutting down the computer, quitting the program, or logging off the current user, to name a few. You can schedule the time and day within a specific schedule.

You'll also be able to preserve backup logs, create backup logs, compress your backup data, and compress your data using Express Assist. Filters the file extension to help you not only remove certain files from the compression but many others.

Great files and data archiving and backup application

  • Wizard-driven interface
  • Customize backup data
  • Extra tools like built-in scheduler
  • General backup configuration settings
  • Automatic backup and carrying out other tasks based on the instruction given
Windows users can use Express Assist to restore their lost messages. Users of Outlook can always restore their backups and outlook backups using this app. Several user features are provided by the software, including the ability to restore lost messages, retrieve them as texts and to see messages that are not on Outlook Express without having to restore them. It also allows the search of messages in the backup and looks no further. You should have this product in your office.
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