Exiland Assistant

by Exiland Software

A universal, daily Organizer for contact, notes, emails, clients and employees

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Exiland Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Exiland Assistant is an organizer that can be used not only for planning tasks, but also for a range of other needs. With the help of Exiland Assistant you can maintain a client base, take notes, keep a list of contacts and much more. There is a Scheduler included in The Exiland Assistant with easy reminders. If a human has a contact list, data such as the person's full name, address, contact phone number (house, slave, cell phone), photograph, ICQ, and email address can be requested.mail, pager, website address, date of birth, hobbies, passport data, events, etc.

You can also maintain a database of companies, in which you can specify for each company such information as name, address, phone number, e-mail, web-Here is everything you need to know about the website, opening hours, branches, staff, bank information and price list link.

This tool was interesting to me because of the way it works. Business cards can be found in my online library, especially if I am an entrepreneur. Using Skype with phone numbers is an easy way to do so. Several electronic cards are also convenient enough to share among different types of businesses.
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