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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Excalibur Craft

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Excalibur is a louncher for the popular free Minecraft-It has to be connected to the server and updated with client software. In addition to creating a game account by visiting the official site, you can also set it up directly from your program console. If a player has registered and obtained authorization, he or she just has to decide where to download the Minecraft client (it must be downloaded separately). By "remembering" the entered data, the program can ensure that the player doesn't have to repeat it again until they have made a mistake.

In addition to the server connection, the Excalibur lounge performs many other functions. When your download program's character screen pops up, you can freely make changes to its appearance, buy virtual coins, and even download previously used skins. Choose from a wide range of game modes to play the classic in addition to being able to choose multiple roles.Playing in a mode, using the sandbox, and having extra items or tools for magic. The good news is that everyone will find something that they like.

Within the list is a "hub" that lists all available materials on each game, as well as the player's personal account. It offers access to members of VKontakte's official server community, as well as to the VKontakte forum on the official website, as well as their accounts on both. Players use the same account in order to play and communicate with the VKontakte server. lounge's interior design is stylish, and it's entirely unclear where each element's location originated.

- This free server comes with access to Minecraft; ;

- A direct connection to the lancer interface is possible; e in direct from the lancer interface;

- There are many game modes; Classic, Sandbox, Magicka, MysticSky, Inustrial, Galaxy, RPG and so on.

- How to change the character's skin and buy upgrades to virtual coins: d for new accessories for virtual coins;

- Set up the Minecraft client in a browser immediately if the path to the server has been specified.

- Excellent graphics design;

- This program offers quick access to the Vkontakte server forum and the game forum.

When it comes to Minecraft, Excalibur's server interface appears very robust and dynamic. As players are able to choose from Minecraft's gaming modes and gain more varied perspectives, they are able to maximize gameplay advantages. You can sign up to or sign into a Minecraft server environment by connecting via lancer, enabling it to be an all-in-one solution in terms of simplicity.
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