by Astonsoft

A way to integrate their email, passwords, calendars, contacts, etc. into one application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Astonsoft

Release: EssentialPIM 8.15

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The EssentialPIM software allows users to store all of their passwords, contact information, emails, calendar events, etc. all in one easily accessible location. Software integrates directly with Apple and Android systems, and a user's information can be accessed over a long-established cloud service, such as Google Docs or ICloud. EssentialPIM also allows users to download the application onto different devices to ensure that all necessary information can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

  • The calendar interface allows users to organize events and monitor progress on projects of those in your contact list.
  • The notes function allows the user to create information in a way that can be shared with those in the user's contacts or saved for later use. A graph or image can also be imported with the notes function for enhancing the user's enjoyment of the document.
  • Users can synchronize their emails from multiple platforms like Gmail and Yahoo into one convenient location using the email function. Once the user is in their contacts, they can mass email themselves and others to let them know. Notes can also be imported into emails as well to further share information
  • The contacts function allows you to easily store and access peoples emails and phone numbers through the EssentialPIM interface. You can also assign contacts to different jobs laid out in the calendar function as well as communicate with contacts quickly and efficiently through the email function

On top of all of this, EssentialPIM will save all your passwords for every synchronized application in one secure location for simple retrieval and usage. In addition to integrating the users' apps in a single, neat package, EssentialPIM offers a full set of tools to use with your mobile device. By ensuring that the user can keep track of any information in their home and at work efficiently, EssentialPIM can maintain a sense of organization and accountability at all times. Whether you are a business owner, child, or busy mother, its services will keep your online records organized and accessible anywhere

EssentialPIM 3.71 (6.07 MB)
EssentialPIM 4.5 (5.99 MB)
EssentialPIM 4.22 (6.16 MB)
EssentialPIM 4.52 (6.05 MB)
EssentialPIM 4.53 (6.06 MB)
EssentialPIM 4.54 (6.07 MB)
EssentialPIM 5.02 (6.45 MB)
EssentialPIM 5.03 (6.46 MB)
EssentialPIM 6.54 (11.33 MB)
EssentialPIM 6.55 (11.35 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.0 (11.63 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.6 (11.94 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.11 (11.73 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.12 (11.74 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.13 (10.63 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.24 (11.2 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.51 (11.56 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.52 (11.57 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.54 (11.6 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.62 (12.16 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.63 (12.2 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.64 (12.21 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.65 (12.2 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.66 (12.2 MB)
EssentialPIM 8.01 (12.56 MB)
EssentialPIM 8.11 (12.72 MB)
EssentialPIM 8.15 (12.56 MB)
Elijah Richardson
Anybody can benefit from this software. With a syncing feature between devices, work on one device doesn't stop at the line; work can only begin on one device. The task of maintaining passwords, emails, and events in one environment takes up much energy, so having the ability to do that is incredible.
Ollie Coffin
Having to type and answer thousands of emails each day while I work has made my life so much simpler. All my tasks, emails, appointments and cloud applications work on all of my devices so there is no need to worry about them. Despite the fact that all three devices work together just fine, I have an issue locating the important information if they are on the same device.
When thinking of essential knowledge and savvy, my approach includes EssentialPIM for Windows. Your personal information will be managed this way at your convenience, like having a personal assistant at your fingertips. It is an adaptable tool for different platforms and applications. This feature makes it easy to keep track of appointments, people, any type of work you may be doing at a given time, emails you have with important people, etc. I love that this little worker bee can do anything it can. Having all of your information in one place makes it easier to keep track of what's most important for you, work ethic and a good life. There is no question that it will connect to current web interfaces using the Cloud. Furthermore, it helps keep all the important information safe and neatly tucked away, giving your life some privacy while avoiding some things (or things) you may have to worry about. I highly suggest downloading the tool so that you can reap the economic benefits its innovative and integral functions can deliver.
In addition to managing your correspondence, you can manage everything else: notes, schedules, contacts, and passwords with EssentialPIM software. Android and iOS users can use it as an application since it is not restricted to one platform. Both a pro and free version are available. It has many features which the free one lacks, allowing it to be purchased as a pro version.
A user can customize his or her information using EssentialPIM. Installing the program correctly will allow you to access their information easily. Unless the correct PC model is selected, it will only work with Windows 8. Be sure to check the system requirements when you plan to install it on site. An employee or student can benefit significantly from the EssentialPIM.
The option is an upgrade if you wouldn't use Outlook yet. You can access your data anywhere, since it uses cloud storage. Wherever you are, regardless of whether you're using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can always access the internet.
It is an open-source Personal Information Manager, which you can use totally free of charge. In this software system, notes, documents, schedules, appointments, and many other functions are managed, organized, and modernized. In addition to this, you can download the software from Windows, Android, iOS, or other app stores and work across numerous platforms. Through EssentialPIM, it is easy to become a data owner.
In addition to acting as a personal assistant, EssentialPIM for Windows has some great features. Using EssentialPIM to schedule all of my appointments and meetings allows me to handle my schedule efficiently. It is used to manage my contact list as well as to create a list of my passwords from our contacts list. My entire device uses it to keep track of these items, which is handy.
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