by eSobi

An all-in-one information management tool for news and podcasts

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: eSobi

Release: eSobi

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eSobi is a robust software for anyone utilizing articles, podcasts and newsfeeds. There are two tabs at the top of the left-hand side of the application, which seem to look similar to an email client.In addition to being an RSS reader and a search engine rolled into one tool, this software also has a library of information. Its Tabs for News, Podcasts, Searching, and Library management make it very user- friendly.The company was friendly and made time to get to know him. With this program, you can build eSobi to the exact format you want with databases of articles and references and the plethora of organization functions. Registries use a downloading manager for RSS feeds and podcasts. Windows Media player, built-in, allows users to play automatically played audio and video files. Results can be retrieved from internal and external search engines based on the integrated search engine. Furthermore, the data library also provides access to data storage, categorization, editing, as well as offline access.


  • With one software, you can get news, podcasts, search engines, and information libraries all rolled in one.
  • It is an easy-to-use interface with easy to use tabs and searching options.
  • The ability to browse RSS feeds and podcasts that they are automatically refreshed.
  • The Windows Media Player is an audio and video player for Windows 10 computers.
  • The site is available in 15 languages.

It is an easy-to-use program that is created by the user.You can organize your feeds here in one place if you choose to utilize this package. Having access to the entire library of feeds allows you to customize it in a number of ways. Based on their rating system, eSobi gets an average of five stars.An Editors' Roundtable review by the CBS4 website, and an Editors' Roundtable review by CNET rank #1 in online editors' guides.Author review of star editor on Softpedia.

You can integrate an RSS reader, a search engine, and an information library in this software, which makes it easy to use and search online.

eSobi (15.77 MB)
Katie Thomas
Sobi plays video and podcasts on, built into a search engine. Windows media player can be used to play media. does this product cost me anything or do I ask is this product is free or cost money to use? podcasts, videos, or music you have downloaded can be played via its Library. The project seems like it could be a positive venture.
As a user, you might not need an existing email client because the eSobi clientlooks like an email client. It's easy to understand and familiar. You have the ability to run Windows Media Player directly on top of this so there is an extremely easy way to access any audio you want for any podcast, video or article on the Internet.
Rhys Alderson
Acer computers come highly recommended from this software. Through these products, users will be able to streamline Internet information flow while they devise a solution for handling too much information. By doing so, you get rid of the annoyance of finding information on the web. The work hours I was saving were so much better due to this and could not have been better.
To find the best shareware application for Windows, I searched online for eSobi for Windows. It's pretty simple. The RSS reader, the podcasts receiver, and the meta-RSS system are some of the functions it provides.It uses an engine and a library to search for data. As of 2008, all homeowners with an Acer computer have received bundled packages. You do not need to download anything here. My computer becomes much more useful as a result of it.
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