English Puzzle

by http://enpuz.ru/

Online puzzle for use on Windows processor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: http://enpuz.ru/

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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English Puzzle is a program which is a set of tests in which, listening to English sentences, you will have to collect them from the proposed words, i.Explicitly constructing the correct sequence, for example. It sounds as follows: This program's developer motto: It is not a requirement for English to be taught. just start thinking in English. This method can still be found in many modern English language schools, and I must emphasize that it can be very effective. The lines of words in an appropriate sequence will be repeated several times, and by dragging them with the mouse or clicking them with the right mouse you may move them faster. The "Next" button turns on when your correct sequence has been obtained and that gives you a chance to complete your sentence. All audio recordings can be played in MP3 format. A large number of database databases of records are now freely available in this country. They can not be installed since they are not included in the software download.

In general, English Puzzle - To study English, you must carry the following items.

Having a tough crossword puzzle each day in English Puzzle for Windows is exhilarating for me as I am challenging my mental abilities daily. During the study, I will also be able to develop a vocabulary and learn new words. The program is completely free to use and runs without an Internet connection. Also, the game comes with nearly a hundred levels so I can decide how difficult the levels can be.
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