UkeySoft File Lock logo
Keeping your privacy and important information secure is key to encrypt your personal information and protecting your private data and data of organizations.
iNinja logo
Wherever you go you can have a VPN provide protection for your identity.
Gpg4win logo
Files and emails can be securely and affordably protected using Gpg4win.
Rar Password Recover logo
tool to recover lost password data from your client accounts, such as Windows and iOS devices.
Base64 Tools logo
An application which uses Base64 Tool for extracting content from an input file is called Word.
CryptoExpert logo
It secures and stores data like a vault in your home or office.
SafeHouse Personal Edition logo
The process of generating virtual drives in order to back away important data and keep it secure.
Safeplicity logo
Passwords give users protection against a loss of confidential information.
Hidden Disk logo
Safe password-protected folders can be created on your hard drive.
KeyDepot logo
Password management and a downloadable security system that works on computers and laptops.
Perfecto Encryptor logo
Making files encrypted is an effective way to keep them safe.
GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator logo
An encryption services provider for discs or CDs.
Codify logo
The encryption of text data for security purposes.
File Encryption XP logo
The security manager needs protections.
Kruptos 2 Professional logo
Documents and files that can be encrypts with a specialized program.
SensiGuard logo
The best way to protect data is through encryption software.
Encrypt Care logo
Users need this program to encrypt and decode files securely.
Password Storer logo
It is a password utility for storing various passwords.
Ashampoo Privacy Protector logo
It protects files that are on the computer, which is what makes Ashampoo Privacy Protector the most popular security software.
PDF Page Lock logo
With this program, PDF pages can be Hided by program for pages of a PDF document to be private.
GiliSoft CD DVD Encryption logo
Registries that protect your passwords and protect discs from damage.
Password Manager XP logo
Having your own password manager for most platforms.
Password Memory logo
An account manager built upon a system that determines how many pages a person can access from several accounts at one time.
Lock USB logo
Your USB becomes a security controller for your device.
Password Boss logo
With Windows Apps, you'll be able to access all saved passwords and notes.
Cloud Secure logo
If you're using a cloud platform, secure your stored information by signing in using credentials and locking your folder.
Gilisoft Privacy Protector logo
With this privacy suite, you can monitor your data both indoors and outdoors.
CrococryptFile logo
folders and files to encrypt documents while they are being encrypted.
CrococryptMirror Portable logo
Software for encryptting emails using algorithms like AES and TwoFish.
Crypt4Free logo
AEP PRO is a encryption package tailored for applications that encrypt files electronically.
CryptoForge logo
Using this highly effective Windows file encryption tool, one can protect files from corruption.
GiliSoft Private Disk logo
Make sure that all system information is protected using a powerful encryption algorithm.
GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption logo
Create a secure and public secure USB environment using our software.
Gilisoft EXE Lock logo
Software password protection that helps you secure your applications.
Copy Protect logo
Protects files against unauthorized duplication, copy-and-paste, or illegal distribution.
DiskCryptor logo
Encryption of disk or hard drive components that can protect either data partition or hard drive.
Folder Protect logo
Computers which do not access sensitive folders as a result should not be used by others.
KeePass logo
An open-Password manager with password protection, encrypted databases, and encrypt storage all available for free through this secure site.
Boxcryptor logo
Cloud storage should not be compromised by others.
dirLock logo
This is a free program that can protect files by password-protect and hide them when you choose.
CyberGhost VPN logo
No logs policy and highest encryption possible.
Dialupass logo
An application that lets users find out more about VPNs.
Folder Lock logo
The solution combines highly effective encryption with data security software to secure documents and folders.
Protected Folder logo
A master password has to be obtained for each of them.
PGP Desktop logo
Using PGP Desktop for Windows, one can access or customize decryption software based on their unique IP address.
Accent Office Password Recovery logo
Software for image processing on Windows that allows you to crop your photos.
TrueCrypt logo
Please fill out a Form and submit your application.the-In the fly mode, you will execute a fly encryption command on a disk, a partition, or an entire storage device at the same time.
RAR Password Cracker logo
It is easy to find lost WinRAR passwords using this software
WinLicense logo
The software developers who need advanced reverse-facing protection should use this for Windows
Advanced Windows Password Recovery logo
Windows Password Recovery a user-friendly password recovery utility. Network security analyzer and password protection.
Advanced RAR Password Recovery logo
Passwords that protect ZIP and RAR archives can be recovered.
Advanced Office Password Recovery logo
Recover the password used to protect documents created through computer programs, and remove or circumvent this password.
WirelessKeyView logo
Tiny portable tool used to retrieve wireless network security keys/passwords that have been sampled.
Advanced Encryption Package logo
Security suites that can run on Windows are available.based computers
File Lock logo
Windows processors are susceptible to locks from locks.
SecureIT logo
The software Folder Encryption is available to encrypt and compress data stored on any of the Windows 8 or 10 computers.
VeraCrypt logo
You can download Freware's encryption utility for Windows.
Google Chrome Password Recovery logo
Using Google Chrome as a password recovery tool.
Advanced Archive Password Recovery logo
ZIP and RAR archive files can be recovered with this password recovery and unlock device.
Dekart Private Disk Light logo
the files on each customer's simcard(s) to get the fullest insight into them.
WinMend Folder Hidden logo
Using WinMend Folder Hidden you hide folders and files so that people are not able to find them.
Secret Disk logo
It is possible to create password protected disks by using a disk creation software program.
IE PassView logo
freeware for Windows software application that helps you manage passwords on your computer.
AxCrypt logo
The security software can be used to encrypted and decrypt files using a free and easy-to-use program.
AirSnort logo
An integrated solution for cracking WEP networks on Windows that uses wireless LAN security.
CipherShed logo
Data is encrypted using encryption software that maintains data integrity and security.
OpenPuff logo
The use of a steganography technique to hide images, symbols, or files within others.
BestCrypt logo
File certificates can prevent viewers from accessing your personal data.
MyWinLocker logo
Helping us keep track of private information.
WiFi Password Decryptor logo
Your wireless key and password have a history of getting lost or forgotten.
HashCalc logo
Calculate hash functions. New cryptographers will have a great resource here - a special program just for you!!